Shoulder bags are meant to be worn on the shoulder keeping both hands free 🙂

Did you know that Shoulder bags were styled after the military satchels men carried on the front? These bags were worn over the shoulder to allow soldiers to use both hands.

Later in the 60s, this type of bag was reclaimed by women as a down-to-earth, efficient fashion accessory!

Today, there is quite a mix concept of shoulder bags and crossbody bags – My Small Store applies names that designers assign to their beautiful designs.

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Love Moschino – JC4103PP1ALQ – The Vibrant Black Shoulder Bag

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Versace Jeans Red Shoulder Bag – E1VTBB11_71112_513

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Love Moschino – JC4000PP1ALA – A Pink Shoulder Bag that Everyone’s Going to Recognise

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Versace Jeans Black Shoulder Bag- E1HSBB01_70808_899

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Fashion Shoulder Bag Fascinating London

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Versace Jeans Chain Strap Shoulder Designer Handbag – Beautiful

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