Review of the Natural Duck down Jacket by Kathy

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This natural down jacket is a life saver - I have one all packed in its pocket in the truck of my car and one in my coat closet at home. 

When the weather is "between seasons" it can be cold, humid and it may change quickly - leaving home with a light shirt but needing a jacket later in the day. 

What makes this one perfect? it's very light, easy to stow away, very warm due to the duck down and inexpensive - $35 free shipping is perfect.

Before I had a WalMart one I paid $15 and it was a piece of junk, like barely no insulation - I looked at Sparko, Geographical Norway, Patagonia and Fontana  but spending $70+ for a temp jacket was a bit too much- For the same price I got 2. One for the car, one for the house.

Oh BTW :), it's more unisex than a men's jacket lol lol 

Highly, Highly recommended!

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