Royal Hot Sunglasses Men's Big Square Frame UV400 - Free Shipping

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Big Square Sunglasses for Men

Why in the world do you want those big square frame shades? I own these :) I use them for fishing, driving and walking. I bought Costa Del Mar fishing sunglasses at Dick's Sport goods for $259, highly recommended not high UV protection but oversized glasses with Polarized lenses. Smart, until they felt in the lake…$259 gone. (don't laugh).

Oversized sunglasses protect your eyes from all angles and offer a better ultraviolet protection not just from a frontal sun. Same argument with driving, walking and just doing nothing :) I like the aviator sunglasses but often the are not wide enough to provide a perfect coverage compared to these frames.

Regarding UV protection, the higher the better, don't settle for not rated lenses or with a rating of 380nm. The UV400 shield both UVA and UVB harmful sun rays. Remember mirror  lenses do not mean ultraviolet protection, they do protect but not as much as the 100% block of the UV400.

So do you need these polarized square sunglasses in your fishing accessories, in you car? yes you do and they do not cost $259 :)

These big square sunglasses come with full UV400 protection, are Polarized, a luxury carrying box, a cloth bag and cleaning cloth. 

A must have at that price + Free Shipping + 30 days return

  • Style: Square
  • Lenses Attribute: Polarized, UV400
  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate
  • Gender: Men
  • Lenses Material: Resin
  • Lens Height: 55mm - 2.16"
  • Lens Width: 63mm - 2.48"