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Casual Sunglasses UV400 for Men

These fashion shades you are going to order not only look cool, they filter the harmful ultraviolet (both UVA and UVB) rays, not just reduce! Protect your eyes, it is important for your health.

Not all sunglasses provide the same  level of protection. Our Royal Hot glasses filter and block harmful UV radiation (UV400 level), they have polarized lenses to block glares, perfect for driving, sport and relaxing under the sun.

Did you know that Casual Sunglasses were developed in 1985 by Oakley under the name Frogskin, a casual sunglass style that was made in Japan. At the time they didn't have polarized lenses or any UV rays protection to protect your eyes :) Today, the Frogskin are priced around $170 to $190 and are made in Xiamen. 

Oakley is now a subsidiary of Italian corporate giant Luxottica based in Milan. Don't feel I'm against Oakley, just I think that charging $170 for a 34 years old design made in China is a bit rough.

These are top notch Classic Casual pair of sunglasses also made in Xiamen :) beautiful design. The glasses come with a luxury carrying box, a cloth bag and a cleaning cloth. 

At that price, a must have - Free Shipping and 30 days return.

  • Style: Square
  • Lenses Protection: Polarized, UV400
  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate
  • Lenses Material: Resin
  • Lens Height: 49mm - 1.92"
  • Lens Width: 62mm - 2.44"
  • Eyewear Type: Sunglasses for men