Women Shoes

Shoes for Women

Women's shoes have evolved into a fashion status and are more and more about art, much less about functionality of the apparel accessories. 

As they have evolved, the materials and techniques that go into making them have changed. Scientist think that shoes have been made from wraparound leather, around 40,000 years ago. The history of women’s shoes dates back to these times. I think that some 40,000 years ago sex equality existed :) 

Shoemaking became an art-form starting in Europe during the 1600 to 1750 (Baroque period). The materials used reflected the women's social class as it has been done for centuries. Commoners would wear shoes made from leather, aristocrats would wear similar designs, only made from wood :) tough to be an aristo :) At this time, there was no real difference between women's shoes and men's shoes. It wasn't until much later that shoemakers began to work with softer fabrics, such as silk. It wasn't until the 19th century that women's and men's shoes began to differ - heel and toe shapes. 

Did you know that until 1850, there wasn't any difference between left shoes and right shoes? 

As technology continued to improve early 20th century, shoemaking processes became simpler, allowing designers to be more creative with women's shoes. In the 1950s, suede was already very popular due to its price (cheaper) and texture. Wooden heels were still very much the choice. Due to its flexibility, durability, comfort and elegance leather has remained one of the most desirable materials for women's shoes, sandals and early sneakers. Today leather is more and more replaced by synthetic leather (Polyurethane being the material of choice).