Geographical Norway Men's sweatshirt Tuteur - Dark Grey

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Geographical Norway is a … Spanish company, yup, not a Norge one yet, they make the best winter clothes in Europe.

This men’s sweatshirt is meant for cold, no problem – 100 % synthetic and it can be worn alone or under a coat (I do that during our great Minnesotan winters), This sweatshirt is just for men but your much better half might use it, remember it’s a warm one.


  • Gender: Man
  • Type: Sweatshirt with:
    • Zip fastening
    • Plushy lining
    • 2 frontal zipped pockets
  • Material: polyester 100% (no animal hurt)
  • Pattern: solid colors (Dark grey and Black)
  • Visible logo (to brag and to feel good about it)
  • Wash by hand at 90°F, no heat dry