MacSuds Lemon and Rose handmade lotion

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MacSuds started making soap February 2013. Two reasons Sandi did this. Itching like crazy after showering and her sister had developed eczema on her face, upper chest and arms.

She started to think it was the chemicals in the soap/body wash she was using, and she wanted to see if there was a way to help her sister. Thanks to Sandi, we can enjoy a clean line of bath and body products that are nourishing, creamy, cleansing, and luxurious to the skin.

This lovely scent is the same one used to make the soap bars provided to the 1st Class Cabins on the Titanic. The lotion is scented with Rose and Lemon essential oils. Take a trip to the last through this lovely scented lotion.

Although it is doubtful that lotion was also provided to the cabins Sandi feels the scent combination is so wonderful it would make a lovely lotion as well.

MacSuds chose light weight oils so they will easily soak into the skin to moisturize and nourish without leaving a greasy feel.

Container: Plastic bottle with pump

Weight: 6 FL OZ

Uses: Face and Body

Skin Type: any skin type

Ingredients: Is water a chemical? Exactly what I thought, all-natural!

Distilled water, almond oil, avocado oil, mango butter, emulsifying wax, vitamin E, fragrance oil

Note: This lotion ships free compared to $3 to $5 in other stores (it's just me bragging about free shipping)