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MacSuds Poison B Gone

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MacSuds started making soap February 2013. Two reasons Sandi did this. Itching like crazy after showering and her sister had developed eczema on her face, upper chest and arms.

She started to think it was the chemicals in the soap/body wash she was using, and she wanted to see if there was a way to help her sister. Thanks to Sandi, we can enjoy a clean line of bath and body products that are nourishing, creamy, cleansing, and luxurious to the skin.

Poison Ivy Spray (or Poison Oak Spray as well) is an Anti-Itch Spray formulated with jewelweed and essential Oils. Both essential oils and jewelweed are known to help relief itch and swelling caused by poison ivy and poison oak.

Oops you ended up in poison ivy (or oak, sumac, etc.) and you thought you scrubbed it all off. But now you have a rash. Not only a rash but it itches like crazy. Shake this bottle well and spray on the affected areas. It will help soothe the itch and dry out the rash. Continue to use until all of the rash has gone through its process of popping and drying out.

This Poison Ivy Spray (or Poison Oak Spray) is excellent for skin healing and itch relief of poison ivy, oak and sumac. Reduces pain and swelling of bee and wasp stings. Relieves the itch from mosquito bites.

Sandi’s main idea when she formulated this was for poison ivy, oak and sumac. But she has been told by many customers that it works on all types of bites, stings and rashes. Excellent for all skin types and anyone with dry itchy sensitive skin. This is an absolute must have for everyone’s first aid kit!! The perfect gift for campers.

Can be applied directly to face and neck area using a cotton ball.

Weight: 7 oz

Container: Bottle with fine mist sprayer

Ingredients: What? No harsh chemicals? That’s MacSuds!

Distilled water, witch hazel, polysorbate 20, liquid glycerin, grapeseed oil (infused with jewelweed, lavender, calendula, goldenseal, turmeric), Aloe Vera, tea tree & lavender essential oil.

Note: This poison Ivy spray ships free compared to $3 to $5 in other stores (it's just me bragging about free shipping)