Paul Parkman Men's Tassel Loafer Tobacco Suede Shoes - ID#087-TAB

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PAUL PARKMAN is a sophisticated brand of luxury man’s footwear which never loses sight of the real art of handcrafting and enhances the personality of those experiencing the brand. Paul Parkman prides itself on manufacturing some of the highest quality men's dress shoes on the market. Starting from the English style, during the years the brand has been constantly modelling its collections dedicating attention to the tendencies of the moment, however being faithful to its genre, classical & fashionable shoes.

Rare HANDMADE shoes yet, Style, Beauty, Quality all for Men and Men ONLY!

Tassel loafer slip-on style men's shoes. Tobacco suede upper with leather sole and camel leather lining. 

This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 15 days for the delivery. Because our products are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each item will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.

Please note: As these shoes are handmade an On-Demand there is no return because the wrong size was selected, change of mind etc. We will honor free returns for defects.

Shoe size table – please note that European shoes come only in standard US width:

  • Europe 35 = Men US 3.5 or 9in
  • Europe 36 = Men US 4.5 or 9.4in
  • Europe 37 = Men US 5 or 9.4in
  • Europe 38 = Men US 6 or 9.6in
  • Europe 39 = Men US 7 or 9.9in
  • Europe 40 = Men US 7.5 or 10in
  • Europe 41 = Men US 8 or 10.1in
  • Europe 42 = Men US 8.5 or 10.3in
  • Europe 43 = Men US 9 or 10.5in
  • Europe 44 = Men US 10.5 or 10.8in
  • Europe 45 = Men US 11.5 or 11in
  • Europe 46 = Men US 12 or 11.5in
  • Europe 47 = Men US 13 or 11.69in