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In East Indian classical music, a raga is a scale upon which a song’s notes are constructed. In ancient Sanskrit, the word raga means both melody and color; a raga is believed to have the power to paint the spirit of the lives it touches.

Founded by the Chaudry family in the summer of 2012, RAGA is a brand created to empower the RAGA woman to paint the world with her authenticity. RAGA is a vision of the world that celebrates the convergence of east and west, material and spiritual, ancient and young, and of course, melody and color.

This Collar Statement Necklace is an elegant way to add details to any outfit. It has a beautiful black and silver color combination. Wear it to add drama to your little black dress. Add it to a jeans outfit, to a simple blouse or even as a costume accessory.

  • Silver plated brass coin medallion necklace with fringe
  • Imported from India