Versace Jeans - women's sandals VRBS52 - tan

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This beautiful Versace Jeans women’s sandals are part of the Versace line made for the US. These sandals are part of the Spring and Summer collection but suits very well for any season – I do not recommend wadding in the mud, it might ruin them.

The word sandal has a Greek origin. The ancient Greeks distinguished between “baxeae”, sandals made of leaves, twigs, or “fibres” worn by comic actors and philosophers; and the “cothurnus”, a boot sandal worn mainly by tragic actors, horsemen, hunters, and by men of rank and authority.


  • Tan or skin when translated from Italian
  • Versace Model: VRBS52
  • Collection: Spring/Summer
  • Gender: Woman
  • Type: sandals
  • Upper: synthetic material
  • Internal lining: leather
  • Sole: synthetic material
  • Heel height: about ½” (1 cm)
  • Studs ankle strap

These sandals are in stock and ship immediately. Only down side, they sell quickly, and it can take weeks to replenish our stock, interested? Act quickly.