2019 Program Coats for Homeless Veterans

Starting September 9th 2018, My Small Store will give a coat to a homeless veteran for every 10 items sold on our website. 

Why Homeless Veterans?

Due to many factors, the number of veterans living in the street is growing. According to statistics, many of them live in Florida but an estimated 300 are homeless in Minnesota. I am not 100% certain this number is correct as someday it feels the 300 live in my neighborhood 🙁

I am a wounded veteran. When I came back, I was very fortunate having my family 100% unconditional support which allowed me to start the long healing process. Still PTSD but well under control without meds. How many do not have or had that chance?

There are many organizations to assist veterans like The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans which helps a lot but many do not know these exist thus do not have access to them, thus leave on the street.

The coats we will give are not like this beautiful short bomber coat which is not meant for Minnesota cold. We will provide Geographical Norway winter coats like in the picture below. I own one of those and they are extremely warm, very resilient, and easy to wear.

Geographical Norway For Homeless Veterans

It doesn't fix the problem at all but it helps them to go through our harsh Minnesota winter. 

I'll post updates as they come.