Even more Reasons to Start Using Natural Cosmetics

Even more reasons to start using natural cosmetics

Thank you so much for your support on our last blog about the need to start loving and using natural cosmetics. We’ve decided we needed to dive a little deeper and offer some more reasons so we can all convince more people to take the leap into the wonderful world of more natural, organic skin care and body care routines.

So, we mentioned we can all find natural alternatives to all kinds of makeup products nowadays. And if you really want to, you can translate your entire routine to natural, organic products only. I’m talking about everything from concealers and primers to lip balms, eye shadows and mascara.

So why bother switching? We’re glad you asked. Please keep on reading.

Their ecological print.

Everything we use has a cost: water, resources, transportation, and different processes. But in a world where it’s more and more necessary to learn how to recycle, it’s not always possible to do it properly when it comes to beauty and self-care products. The product, let’s say powder, may leave some organic residues in a not-so-biodegradable, inorganic package. If this ends up in an ocean, it could do harm in the long run.

Organic makeup brands are starting to offer 100% recyclable products and packages. So the ecological print becomes lower and lower as these materials go back to the companies to bring new life to them.

Using Natural Cosmetics

Our allergies.

Have you ever encountered a certain product that causes a sudden rash on your skin? Or maybe a smell of one of your base makeup products that always makes you sneeze? Allergies are a pretty common thing among young and old, but we usually go through with it because how could we live without our makeup? You don’t have to suffer anymore since organic ingredients found in natural makeup products are less likely to cause any harm to you or those around you. So you can now look fantastic without all that suffering.

They’re cruelty-free.

We mentioned this briefly in our last post about using natural cosmetics, but we’d like to emphasize this a little further. When you decide to get a product has not been tested in animals, you’re saving more lives that you may realize. A variety of creatures going from bunnies to monkeys and even pigs are used to test potentially hazardous materials as part of a decades-old tradition in the mainstream makeup industry. You’ve probably heard about it, it’s not pretty. So why keep supporting these practices? Natural makeup with a clear legend saying “cruelty-free” is the way to go. It’s the human thing to do.

So we’re inviting you to take the first step. Get that natural cream you’ve been seeing at the store lately. Ran out of blush? Get a natural one, you might like it better. Need a hair product and you’re feeling adventurous? It’s time to give these cosmetics and products a well-deserved chance. They’re doing their part researching and creating natural, safe alternatives for us all. Let’s start taking matters in our hands as well. For a better world, start using natural cosmetics!

Moschino Fake vs Real – our answer

Moschino fake vs real, what to look for

In this globalized world, and especially after COVID-19, we’ve learned to embrace and loving online shopping getting everything we need from the most basic items for everyday life and groceries, up to pricey items such as watches and computers. Luxury goods are counterfeited by the millions!

We all want luxury but at a cheap price, when buying a bag always think: “Moschino fake vs real.”

Shopping online is becoming an everyday thing, and a pretty safe way to get stuff from all around the world delivered directly to your home. But there is a pretty real danger out there, still. And it’s counterfeits.

Let’s talk Moschino, one of the most counterfeited brands nowadays. We all recognize bag models and logos from the brand because they’re pretty unique and easy to remember. But illegal copies are common, well-made and we all need to learn how to identify a genuine Moschino before making any purchase, either online or on a traditional retail channel. Even when you have one in your hands, it’s pretty easy to look for some signs.

Check the material.

Leather, pleather or synthetic materials, Moschino knows how to deliver products that look, feel and even smell a certain way. Try to have a really good look at it. How’s the stitching? Is it a sloppy job? Does the bag feel flimsy and weights too little? Those are definitely warning signs of a counterfeit product. Trust your senses, they’ll tell you a lot about the product from the very first moment you get your hands on it.

Moschino fake vs real

Check the closure.

A high-quality zipper or magnetic closure should feel like new: firm, sturdy, and durable. You should know if it’s a low quality closure right away because it will feel like it’s been used before or not so secure for a bag that should carry all your stuff with ease. Check logos, colors and other details that cheaper copies may not imitate so easily.

Check the seller’s reputation.

Can’t find a reputation system to back up your seller’s registry of past sales? That’s a big warning sign. All retailers, big and small, have some way to prove the quality of their products and the satisfaction level of their past clients.

When wondering Moschino fake vs real, look at the price a Moschino bag for less than $300 should raise eyebrows, a Moschino T-Shirt for $15, new and free shipping is not a real one.

Also check the payment and shipping methods available. Security is the keyword here. If you can’t recognize their systems you’re risking more than your money and/or not getting your product. Remember to check if it’s a secure website (noted by the prefix https) and shipping shouldn’t take more than a week, otherwise you might be seeing at a company that works with dropshipping from China.

Know that if you’re getting something from a new retailer, without some sort of recognition then you’re taking a risk. Look for alternatives so you can take a well-informed decision beforehand.

Something you must know, when wondering my new Moschino fake vs real? There are tons of stolen branded good on the market, so it’s real but it’s not ok and illegal.

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Why we all should start using natural cosmetics?

Why using natural cosmetics?

Skin care routines are important for everyone. Because it doesn’t matter which kind of skin (including sensitive skin) you have to find a proper, safe way to apply makeup taking care of the natural face oil your body produces when applying makeup.

Of course, many have found safe, natural alternatives for all kinds of cosmetics are the way to go. Lipstick, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, powder, blush and lip balm options are all available. Some of them even certified with cruelty-free, organic products. So there’s no reason not to try them!

So why go natural when you already have a skincare and body care routines established? Why should you risk getting products you may not like or that may not be ideal for you? Let’s take a look at some very good reasons.

Natural Cosmetics

Their origin.

Natural cosmetics come from nature. And contain minimum-to-none chemicals to boost their colors, duration, compatibility with other products, etc. So while you may have some doubts, you can always be sure these won’t contain chemicals that may not be beneficial for your skin in the long term. And unless you’re allergic to an ingredient, you’ll be applying products that won’t harm you now or later. Quite a big reason, don’t you think?

They DO complement each other.

You may think otherwise, but more and more brands are creating entire lines of natural cosmetics so you don’t have to look for a specific product of a different brand that may not complement your look 100%. Truth is companies are taking a leap and consumers are responding great to these natural options.
They’re easy to clean.

It’s true! Have you spent 30-40 minutes trying to get rid of all the makeup in your face after a long day at work or a night out? You just want to rinse it all and get some well-deserved rest but cosmetics are pretty stubborn and won’t come off easily, right? Natural cosmetic’s ingredients are less likely to stick to your skin. So you’re not only getting a more natural look with this beauty products, you’re also getting more time for yourself. Who doesn’t like that?

They are the future.

We’re all going towards a more natural future. Companies making beauty products and all other kinds of products are now turning to natural options to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. And if we’re all going there, why not hop in the trend early? You may have some doubts, or may not find these options optimal for you. But believe me, natural, sustainable options are going to be the mainstream sooner or later. So we better start accepting and loving these options.

What is Versace Jeans Couture?

What is Versace Jeans Couture?

Versace Jeans Couture is a diffusion line of the famous Luxury Italian fashion house. Some say it is a licensed brand, but it is not. VJC is a brand that focuses on more casual, younger and maybe less affluent clientele.

As a reminder, Versace was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace.Did you know that his full name was Giovanni Maria Versace? I said “was” as he passed in 1997 killed by a man who was a spree killer.

Gianni started as an apprentice for his mother’s sewing shop. He felt in love with Greek ancient history and later moved to Milan where the fashion industry was heating.
Gianni worked for Byblos the famous and very successful brand specialized at the time in “Prêt-à-porter” (ready to wear). He worked there from 1973 until 1978 when he showed off his signature collection and later opened his first “boutique” on Via della Spiga in Milan.

Gianni became rapidly a sensation with his out of the box designs – colorful, sexy, and bold. He said “I don’t believe in good taste, and defied the rules of fashion.

His main fashion rival was Giorgio Armani. Many said that “Armani dresses the wife, Versace dresses the mistress.”

Here we are with a very artistic, bold and avant-garde designer competing with other big names in the industry like Armani who maybe has a better business acumen and is targeting “new” markets like the USA and partnership with “old” brands such as the French L’Oréal.

In the 80s, many designers populated diffusion lines to distribute their design to a wider audience who might fall in love with the fashion house then decide to purchase the root brand products.
The first Versace developed was Versus 1989, it was originally a gift to his sister Donatella. That line presented bags, denim, fragrance, dress and also men products.

Other diffusion lines were developed: Versace Jeans, Versace Couture, Home Collection, even a line specialized for children.

In 2018, the Versace group was acquired by… Michael Kors and incorporated into the Capri Group. The group reshaped Versace lines by merging Versus, Couture and Jeans into Versace Jeans Couture. I recommend following the line #versacejeanscouture on social media.

Is Versace Jeans Couture, real Versace?

Yes, it is, and it comes with differences.

Look at these T-Shirts, the Barocco Patchwork T-Shirt for $1,195 by Versace – Beautiful, very colorful and almost $1,200. Now look at the Metallic Logo T-Shirt, simpler, way more wearable and only $125.

Versace Jeans Couture Metallic Logo T-Shirt
Versace Jeans Couture Metallic Logo T-Shirt $125
Versace Barocco Patchwork T-Shirt
Versace Barocco Patchwork T-Shirt $1,195

I can see myself wearing the second one daily, but the first one would be for special occasions. What about you?

Both T-Shirts are 100% Cotton, the Versace is organic cotton but does it justify the price difference? In my case for the same $1,200 budget, I would buy several Versace Jeans Couture T-Shirts 🙂

A few products went off from the VJC catalogs. I’m talking about glasses, perfumes, jewelry and other small accessories, but the price of those decreased quite a bit.

You still have the famous Signature Medusa Crystal Sunglasses at $1,600 a pair but now you can get your Versace Enamel Medusa at $250 (about the price as the Versace Jeans a few years ago).

To resume, Versace lines changed a bit since the acquisition but the concept is there and any line you pick will be 100% a Versace product design but one of the most famous fashion houses.

When in Miami, don’t forget to try to visit the Villa Casa Casuarina, the Versace boutique hotel on at 1116 Ocean Drive on South Beach, the mansion was built in 1930 by architect Alden Freeman. I say try as it’s quite pricey, the “cheapest” room is around $1,200 a night and it is almost impossible to find available dates.

You have to try the Gianni’s restaurant, absolutely make a reservation to submerge yourself in an exquisite Versace luxury experience. It comes with a price tag – we paid about $100 per person with no expensive wines or champagne, but it was a perfectly luxurious date.

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Versace Fashion Accessories – Often a Must Own

Versace Jeans is famous for their high quality and trendy designs. You can find a number of Versace Fashion Accessories in the market, which will provide you with all the basic requirements of your wardrobe.

Versace Fashion Accessories

The latest trends and fashion accessories from Versace also include handbags, shoes and other accessories. The handbags from the house of Versace are a great way to enhance your style quotient and make heads turn wherever you go. Versace has been one of the most popular and fashion forward companies in the fashion world for many years, providing their customers with a variety of choices in men’s fashion clothing and accessories.

Versace Fashion Accessories

When we talk about handbags, there are various models from the house of Versace which you can choose from. If you are looking to buy a bag from Versace, you will not be disappointed as there is a full range of handbags from the house of Versace to choose from.

The handbag from Versace can be used as an everyday bag or you can use it to go to a party or a date. There are different styles and designs that you can select from depending upon the type of bag you are looking for. Some of the designer handbags from Versace include the likes of Papasan Chair Napkin Ring Jeans, Papasan Chair wallets, bracelet and tie clips and diamond charm bracelets.

Apart from handbags, you can also buy Versace jeans from the stores. You will get great jeans designs from the stores of Versace and if you are looking for some sexy jeans then you can go for the skinny jeans from Versace. However, for the best quality jeans from Versace, you will need to spend a little amount of money.

The jeans from Versace are made from the finest materials and are also made to look expensive. You can use your Versace jeans to look more fashionable than you actually are and can easily impress the people around you with your attractive and eye catching jeans designs.

Versace Fashion Accessories is the latest trend in fashion accessories from this iconic designer brand. With their sheer elegance and sophistication, these jeans have become must have items for women of all ages. Versace Jeans also called Versace Couture is the modern interpretation of classic designer jeans, made to meet the requirements of today’s women. Famous Italian designer Gianni Versace first introduced the concept to the world in 1978 with his then newly launched line of casual leather clothing and accessories, now the worldwide-known fashion house is more focused on couture fashion accessories and has released a number of new styles in this genre.

Always remember that Versace Fashion Accessories, unlike other popular brands, have maintained its trademark high quality and elegant designs, while maintaining a low price.

Being a luxury fashion house, it prides itself for being “made in Italy” (in other words, it is made from the best Italian and European wool and fabrics).

These Versace Fashion Accessories are available in several different styles suitable for everyday wear as well as party wear. They are very fashionable to wear and are extremely durable. The brand also ensures that the products it launches are made from the finest raw materials, for the highest quality and comfort. The company has set high standards of manufacturing in every aspect to ensure a ‘Versace ‘ quality of product.

One of the most popular styles from Versace Jeans couture line is the bikini cut, which comes in a straight leg style, with or without a back zip or knee length. The contemporary cut is made from the finest quality Italian and European fabrics, which give it a soft appeal and a modern look. Bikini cut also comes in different textures and designs which include flat cotton, soft cotton, natural cotton, and satin.

Another popular style from the popular and legendary designer is their tailored skinny jeans which are known as Versace Skinny jeans, in collaboration with Phat. The tailored slim jeans come in various colors, with or without embroidery, and in classic skinny-cut style. These are one of the popular styles from the famous and renowned brand. With the help of a famous fashion designer Christopher Kane, who is responsible for the collection’s aesthetic appearance and diverse style, every woman can carry the fashion statement of Versace Skinny jeans couture and feel the sizzling effect of the new fashion trend.

The third style is the Versace Diamond Cut, which comes in full length. These are designed carefully by the renowned designer Ralph Lauren, who has transformed these exclusive skinny jeans into the ultimate designer handbag. The bag gives a posh and elegant look, together with elegant accents and delicate decoration. These are also one of the popular styles from the legendary brand of Italian luxury fashion house.

A high-end collection of designer jeans from the renowned designer Ralph Lauren is also available. It includes designer cuts, both low rise and regular fit, which are tailored to give full figure perfection – we still prefer the Versace Fashion Accessories style!

This is an offshoot of the classic and sophisticated style that is so popular amongst women today. Women can now buy the best designer collection from the renowned designer in silk and cashmere. The designer jeans from Versace can make any woman feel like the celebrity at the same time.

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Michael Kors Handbags

Michael Kors Handbags Everything You Need to Know

Most women carry their entire world in their handbags, wouldn’t you agree? Think about it, from wallets to glasses to makeup to pepper spray, what don’t these totes hold! Not to mention, they are the perfect way to take an already chic outfit to the next level.

Now, if you’re a handbag fanatic or even remotely into fashion, you’ve likely heard of Michael Kors handbags. The brand delves into every aspect of style, including clothing, accessories, and even jewelry. However, if they have one product that continues to dominate the world of fashion, it’s Michael Kors purses! 

Are you looking to add one of their classy pieces to your collection? If so, this tell-all guide is just what you need!

Michael Kors Handbags

What styles do Michael Kors handbags offer?

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Michael Kors handbags is the variety they hold. No matter what kind of tote you are looking for, rest assured you will find it here!

  • Satchel: One of the brand’s most recognized handbags is the flat-bottomed satchels. For convenient carrying, the bags have both top handles and shoulder straps. Michael Kors Women’s Selma Medium Top-Zip Satchel is one of the best ones available in the market.
  • Tote: Michael Kors offers a long line of chic and fashion-forward totes that come with unique design elements. For instance, some bags may have a chain link or even removable shoulder straps besides the traditional leather ones!
  • Shoulder Bag: Perfect for the younger generation, the brand offers a plethora of shoulder bags. Not to mention, these come in different materials, shapes, and sizes.
  • Crossbody Bags: These are the handbags that are most abundant in the Michael Kors line. The simple reason behind this is that many of their totes and shoulder bags also fall into this category. Michael Kors Women’s Large East/West Cross Body Bag would be a nice pick.
  • Backpacks And Duffels: Another bag targeted at their younger demographic, the brand offers quite a few backpacks. Also, they hold a wide range of versatile duffels.
  • Clutches And Wristlets: Can you picture a handbag collection without clutches? Well, neither can Michael Kors! So they offer a wide variety of these upscale wristlets. If you’re looking for one, Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Double Zip Wristlet would be an excellent pick. Some are so small that they can only hold a smartphone!

What materials does the Michael Kors handbag product line use?

Did you catch on that we didn’t mention anything about the materials when discussing the bag styles? That’s because we want to give them a whole section! Here’s what you need to know about the materials that go into manufacturing Michael Kors handbags.

  • Leather: Leather is likely the most common material you will find among Michael Kors Handbags. Every handbag style has a leather version included. These are often on the pricier side, but the artisan craftsmanship makes them worth it! If you don’t like heavy bags, you might want to steer clear of this one.
  • Cloth: Quite a few handbags from this brand use cloth, and they are pretty popular! The material makes them both elegant and lightweight, so they are ideal for toting around. Not to mention, they are softer and more convenient to store than leather ones. That said, they do absorb moisture, so they are not the best in wet weather.
  • Nylon: Michael Kors handbags of this material are often the most affordable, a favorite of the younger generation. Versatile and light enough for traveling, these bags are among the handy ones. However, if you fill them up too much, expect a lumpy-looking bag.
  • Snakeskin: One of the more exotic materials the line uses is snakeskin. These bags are very durable and supple, which they should be considering their price. That said, they do look very upscale!

FAQs About The Michael Kors Handbag Line

Before you invest in a Michael Kors handbag, you may have a few more questions. Well, this section covers some of the most popular ones.

Are Michael Kors snakeskin handbags genuine snakeskin?

Yes, the Michael Kors snakeskin handbags use only genuine snakeskin in manufacturing. 

Are all Michael Kors bags real leather?

If the tag on the handbag professes that it is leather, then it certainly is. However, the line does also offer pleather and other such synthetic material handbags.

Are Michael Kors handbags luxury?

Michael Kors handbags are luxury bags. However, they are an accessible luxury. These bags are more affordable than high-end brands, but you cannot class them as cheap.

Which other handbag brands compare to Michael Kors?

While highly unlikely considering the surplus of options at Michael Kors, say you don’t find a bag to your liking. Well, you don’t have to give up and end the search there! Here are a few Michael Kors handbags competitors that are worth checking out:

  • Tory Burch
  • Kate Spade
  • Coach New York
  • Burberry
  • J. Hilburn 
  • Ralph Lauren

Wrap Up

Most women out there cannot do without a handbag. So if you are looking for a sturdy yet stylish one to use, look no further than Michael Kors! The brand offers more styles, materials, and features than you could ever dream up. 

Without a doubt, you can find one that appeals to both your aesthetic sense and your practical requirements. Not to mention, you can do this far more cost-effectively than if you were to stop at a high-end store!

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What's the difference between Versace and Versace Couture

What’s the difference between Versace and Versace Couture?

Is Versace Jeans couture real Versace? We already looked at Versace Jeans and Versace, let’s look at the jeans Couture.

What’s the difference between Versace and Versace Couture?

Is it the brand that people think it is or a knock-off? Is it really the high-end fashion label that many of you have heard about or seen associated with high-end designers? It seems there is a lot of confusion about this famous Italian fashion house.

Versace Jeans is the first-ever diffusion line by Italian luxury fashion house, currently owned by the fashion conglomerate, Versace which in fact is owned by Capri Holding which is a Micheal Kors creation.

The iconic brand is recognized worldwide for its cutting-edge, trendsetting styles, stunning prints, striking colors, and sophisticated, understated designs. For most women, Versace Jeans is synonymous with Versace sunglasses, shoes, handbags, and apparel – Versace Jeans Couture is coming soon to My Small Store!

difference between versace and versace couture

This is not a misunderstanding because the brand also produces a variety of denim and designer jeans and has been successful in bringing the products to the consumer market.

The new fall/winter collection will be the most recent innovation by Versace into the world of jeans couture. A new classic denim product called the “Versace Denim Logo T-Shirt” is part of the lineup and it is designed by renowned New York artist, David Hall. The garment is completed with an authentic leather zipper featuring the letter “V,” a white oval, and textured material.

Versace Jeans couture merchandise will be sold both online and in traditional stores. In addition to the jeans couture logo t-shirt, the line will offer other denim products like shirts, tops, skirts, dresses, and shoes. You can choose from a vast selection of colors including black, cream, charcoal, and cream. All of these items are accompanied by exquisite accessories that make your book stand out.

Each item in the collection is made with a special blend of denim. This design is developed by expert designers who have studied the art of making denim work for a long time. These designers pay extra attention to the fading process and the fabric’s texture to ensure that you get a comfortable fit. When you try one of their products, you will instantly understand what we mean when we say that they make you look and feel great. This is evident by the enormous customer base that Versace has.

The difference between Versace and Versace couture that sets them apart from other designer jeans is the use of genuine Italian textiles. This means that the overall design is more expensive than any other designer jeans on the market. However, the cost is worth it for the superior durability and comfort that you receive. What many people find concerning designer jeans is that the fading colors begin to appear almost immediately and that the fabric starts to lose its elasticity. Versace keeps its colors looking vibrant even years after they have been worn.

Another great thing about Versace’s denim is that it offers a variety of styling options. You can get slim, straight leg jeans, boot cut short, long leg, baggy short, and even long slim fit designer jeans for women. The styles are available to cater to the preferences of different age groups as well. Teenagers will find the various colors and designs a bit confusing, but adults find that they look great.

The durability of the items is another reason that you should purchase them. The designer jeans that you purchase should be able to last for several seasons even with daily wear and tear. The denim used for Versace’s products is stain resistant, so your clothing will last for many years to come even without a lot of taming. This is great news for consumers as this is a crucial element that will save them money and keep them happy.

Is there a difference between Versace and Versace couture, yes there is but both brands are real and quite beautiful!

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Using Essential Oils

Risks and Dangers of Using Essential Oils

While many alternative health therapy practitioners swear by essentials oils, you might be prone to severe allergic reactions while using Essential Oils. 

These potent extracts from plants serve medicinal benefits, but most often, the risk of using them is far more damaging. 

From naturopathy to aromatherapy, people have been using essential oils in home remedies and to cure ailments that western medicine has failed to correct. From mild to severe dermatitis, inflammation, allergic reactions, blisters to even complete skin pigmentation loss are the horrifying side effects of using these oils wrong. 

Before discussing the potential risks and dangers of using essential oils, let’s see what they are. 

Using Essential Oils Spray

What are essential oils?

From peppermint essential oil to soothe your cold and lavender essential oil to cure your insomnia, we all have had some experience with essential oils. But if we have to look at the definition of essential oils, it is a liquid extract from plants with useful compounds. 

The essential oils are very potent in smell and active ingredients from the plant they are sourced from. Manufacturers of essential oils use two methods to extract the goodness from plants. The two types of techniques are steam or water distillation and cold pressing. 

Many manufacturers sell the essential oils as they are in the pure form or mix it with a carrier oil like coconut, sunflower, or castor oil to make more quantity of the same oil. 

Essential oils have garnered popularity in the beauty and wellness industry for being a naturally-sourced, often considered ‘vegan’ product. However, many people blindly turn to use essential oils without understanding the dangers and risks. 

Essential oils promise relief, but at what risk.

With the popularity of essential oils and their benefits, people swear these for all small and big ailments. Essential oils have a very high concentration of compounds, and they can be equally harmful to your body. People overlook these dangers and risks while using Essential Oils in the quest for better health, which is doing more harm than good. 

That is why before you use essential oils, it’s best to know the possible side effects that you will have to endure. 

Side effects of essential oils

Although essential oils are natural products, they are known to cause allergic reactions. While some people may never experience any side effects even after prolonged use, it’s best to see what you’re getting yourself into. Some of the possible side effects while using Essential Oils include:

  • Skin Irritation and Blisters
  • Skin Inflammation and Burning 
  • Asthma Attacks 
  • Headaches 

How to manage the side effects of essential oils

Now that you know the possible side effects, you need to know how you can prepare if they do happen. Most side effect reactions are minor and can be controlled at home; however, if you are having a severe reaction to using essential oils, it’s best to seek medical professionals’ help. 

If you get skin irritation from using an essential oil, use heavy cream or oil to wipe away the remaining essential oil from your skin. If you accidentally ingest too much of the essential oil, then contact your nearest poison control center. After that, proceed to drink full-fat milk and avoid vomiting while you seek help. 

Are essential oils safe for pets?

The research in this area is very scarce and has not shown improved results. If you have cats, dogs, or birds, it’s best not to have essential oil diffusers in the room or administer oil directly to the pets. 

How to safely use essential oils 

Precaution and safety while using essential oils are vital. You might use essential oils on the excellent suggestion of your friends, but it might not work the same way for you. We have rounded up some safety guidelines you should follow when using essential oils: 

Always Dilute 

Essential oils are powerful and can have toxic effects on your skin that might even be permanent. That is why it’s recommended to dilute the essential oil in appropriate carrier oils like avocado, coconut, or jojoba oil.  

Do a Patch Test 

If you’re already on medications, then using essential oils will cause all kinds of drug interactions. That is why we recommend a small patch test before using the essential oil in the affected area. 

Wash Your Hands after Using Essential Oils

The remaining essential oil from your fingers can cause adverse reactions with your eye and ear. You should thoroughly wash your hands after application of essential oil to prevent any complications. 

Avoid Ingesting Essential Oils 

Avoid ingesting essential oils unless an expert recommends it. It is best to stick to external use as the high concentration of compounds from the oil may damage your esophageal tract.


Act responsibly and weigh the risks and advantages of using essential oils. Avoid blindly following trends and not seeking medical attention for your problems, and self-diagnosing with essential oils.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are taking over the world by storm as centuries-old western medicine fails to provide relief. Let’s discuss the benefits of Essential Oils.

As many people try to avoid opioid dependence, essential oils offer a natural and non-addictive path to cope with their chronic ailments. Despite their popularity, essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, making their use riskier.

Frequent users of essential oils claim to have seen improved health and better mood. Using essentials oils is safer and is backed by alternative health practitioners such as aromatherapy. While there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the use and side effects of essential oils, they are widely popular.  

The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

How do essential oils work?

Essential oils are vital in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a centuries-old Egyptian tradition of using burnt incense made from herbs, spices, and aromatic wood. The essential oils in aromatherapy help with innumerable problems like insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, pain, nausea, and allergies. 

Since the FDA has not regulated the use of essential oils, there is hardly any research that stands behind the effects of using them. Essential oils are wholesome because they have pharmacological, physiological, and psychological benefits. You can use essential oils by inhalation or by applying them on it on skin. 

The chemicals and compounds in the essential oils can react with your body in countless ways. Breathing in the essential oils can invoke your limbic system associated with emotions, long-term memory, and sense of smell. Certain smells have different effects on people because of their history. 

When applied topically, oils are absorbed by the skin and move into the bloodstream from there; it is carried to the affected areas and liver to metabolize. Topical use of essential oils is often linked to cosmetic use or to treat chronic pain. 

Benefits of essential oils

Even though essential oil has widespread use, its effects on health conditions are not proven. Let’s delve into some health conditions that essential oils have had considerable positive developments.

Anxiety and Stress

Aromatherapy, along with clinical therapy, can help to alleviate stress and anxiety further. Many people also report that the smell of essential oil during massages helps relax the mind even more. While there is no documented proof that essential oils help anxiety, many people seemed to have calming effects. 

Chronic Migraines and Headaches 

A Persian headache remedy involves using sesame and chamomile essential oil to temples. You can also use a combination of lavender and peppermint oil to treat headaches. While some studies have shown relief, there needs to be more extensive research in this area. 


The lavender essential oil has marvelous effects on people who struggle to sleep. It has positive effects on your body and makes you relax better and fall asleep. 

Antimicrobial and Antibiotic 

Tea tree essential oil and peppermint essential oil has shown exceptional antimicrobial properties. These essential oils are used widely in cosmetic treatments and lotions because of their ability to fight bacterial infections and treat inflamed skin. 

How to choose the correct essential oils

Being a $12 billion industry, essential oil manufacture is not regulated. That makes it especially hard to look for quality products that have good composition. With so many companies in the market, look for the following things very closely before you settle for essential oils:

The purity of the essential oils

Look for essential oils that have aromatic compounds. Avoid the ones who have synthetic oils and artificial additives. Look for pure oils which mention the botanical name of the plant it is derived from. 

Quality of Manufacture

The best quality essential oils are the ones that will change the least during the extraction process. Look for essential oils that are chemical-free and have been extracted by cold pressing or steam distillation. 

Reputation of Brand  

A brand’s reputation never lies. Look for brands that are known for producing high-quality products. Do proper research and read customer reviews of essential oils before you buy from any brand.  

Benefits of Essential Oils Their Uses

  • Bergamot: promotes skin healing and relieves anxiety.
  • Chamomile: alleviates symptoms of cold, nausea, and fever 
  • Clove: helps to relieve dental issues and pain.
  • Eucalyptus: decongestant and topical pain-reliever
  • Frankincense: enhances mood and reduces stress 
  • Lavender: calms the nerves and helps with insomnia 
  • Lemon: disinfectant 
  • Oregano: heals inflamed skin
  • Peppermint: boosts energy and helps relieve symptoms of cold and flu. 
  • Rosemary: boosts hair and skin health and helps with joint pain.


If used correctly and safely, essential oils can provide an extra kick to your already ongoing treatments, great benefits of Essential Oils. Essentials oils react differently with different bodies, so what works for someone might not be effective at all for you. Seek help from a professional aromatherapist to use essential oils for the treatment of chronic ailments. Use essential oils responsibly and see for yourself the therapeutic benefits.

Peppermint Essential Oil

How To Choose The Best Essential Oil?

Essential oils are used for multiple purposes such as aromatherapy, hair growth, skin care, etc. Still, you may have heard about both the positive and negative effects of essential oils. So, how to choose the best essential oil for your specific need?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about essential oils. Starting with the basics, what are essential oils?

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are basically the chemicals extracted from various parts of plants such as leaves, flowers, etc. It is done through varying methods such as distillation, cold press, and more. The extracted compound (oils) carries the goodness of the plant they have been taken from.

Why Are Essential Oils Important?

Essential oils have been playing a significant role in aromatherapy as well as hair and skincare. When you smell the scent of these oils, it stimulates a sense of relief and relaxation in your body. Apart from that, several types of essential oils are also used for medicinal purposes.

These oils are blended with fragrance-free light oils such as coconut, jojoba, etc., to be fit for use. So, which essential oil is best for your body? You cannot use just any of the essential oils available. Moreover, all of them may not even prove to be effective enough.

What Is the Best Essential Oil?

The benefit of essential oil depends upon the source it has been extracted from. Here are a few top selections for the best essential oil.

  • Lavender: It is one of the universal essential oils that have a plethora of benefits and uses. From relieving stress and headaches through aromatherapy to reducing itching and other skin ailments, it is an all-rounder. With a herbaceous yet sweet and floral fragrance, it is indeed the best essential oil.
  • Rose: From skin treatment to mood upliftment, rose is indeed a beneficial essential oil. The sweet and floral aroma of rose helps reduce anxiety and instantly cheer you up. Furthermore, it is an excellent remedy for acne and gives clear skin when applied in small quantities.
  • Sandalwood: From stimulating hair growth and helping with indigestion and diarrhea to treating anxiety and fatigue, sandalwood has a multitude of benefits. It is an excellent essential oil for reducing oil, dark spots, and acne, resulting in brighter skin.
  • Peppermint: If you are looking forward to freshen-up your mood, peppermint is the best essential oil for you. The herbal and minty scent of this oil will instantly enrich your mind and body. It can also help alleviate muscle pain and provide relief from itchiness and sunburn.
  • Ylang-Ylang: The strong and spicy aroma of ylang-ylang is an excellent aid for relaxation. When used topically, it is the best essential oil for hair growth, wound healing, and reducing scars. The oil is also an excellent insect repellent.
  • Jasmine: Another all-rounder, jasmine essential oil has multiple mental and physical benefits. When used in aromatherapy, it helps to reduce stress and improve your sleep. You can also use this oil to nourish your hair and moisturize your skin.

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Peppermint best Essential Oil

Are Essential Oils Dangerous?

Despite the excellent benefits of essential oils, they may be harmful when used excessively. Also, if you do not use the essential oil in the appropriate manner, it may be dangerous for your health. Furthermore, pregnant women must consult the doctor before using any of these.

Several manufactures add artificial chemicals to the oils and sell them as pure ones. As a result, using essential oils can end badly, causing burns, blisters, and more. So, how to use essential oils? Here are a few tips for using the best essential oil.

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Tips to Use the Best Essential Oil


  • Thoroughly check the essential oil before purchasing. It must be pure, chemical-free, and from a reputable company – like My small Store 🙂
  • Your essential oil must be tested by a 3rd party and a Certificates of Analysis, Country of Origin of the plant(s) used, and a Safety Data Sheet should be available.
    Careful, we have seen “cheap” oils sold online on a large marketplace with mentions “FDA approved” – but essential oils are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration thus no FDA approved.
  • Ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Use on a small patch before applying to a larger area of the body.


  • We do not recommend ingesting essential oils – unless it’s specified for consumption like Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Marjoram, Thyme, Lime, Helichrysum, Black Pepper, Fennel, etc. Remember that oils are very concentrated and can burn your mouth, esophagus, gut lining, and beyond in the digestive tract. The best is to consult with a Medical Doctor before adding essential oils to your favorite beverage or food.
  • Use oils on babies and children.
  • Apply too much undiluted essential oil on the skin – it may burn.
  • Use oils during pregnancy.
  • Use essential oils with synthetic ingredients.
  • Put these oils in the eyes, ears, genitals, or open wounds.

Wrap Up

Essential oils are known to have more benefits than you can count. From reducing stress and anxiety to promoting the health of skin and hair, they have significant uses. Most importantly, essential oils have proven beneficial to uplift mood.

That said, these oils can also prove to be dangerous for your skin. You must always consider a few things, such as diluting before use and thoroughly checking its ingredients. To avoid any medical emergencies, make sure you study enough about the oil before using it.

You can only determine the best essential oil for you by checking its qualities as well as your health condition. Choose wisely, and enjoy the ultimate scent of essential oils!