Are You Still Baffled by Organic Cosmetics? 1

Are You Still Baffled by Organic Cosmetics?

The popularity of organic products is taking a toll. Not only food but even organic cosmetics are now on all the shelves. Do you think the concept is all hype? You may have a plethora of questions about cosmetics but no one to answer. Do not worry, as this article has got you covered!

Without further ado, let’s go down the organic trail!

What Are Organic Cosmetics?


Organic cosmetics refers to products having 95% natural ingredients. Additionally, these ingredients must 100% natural ingredients. Simply stating, the ingredients used in organic products should not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., for their growth. Additionally, the final product must be free of parabens, sulfate, and other chemical ingredients.

So, how do you know a product is organic? Check the list of ingredients and look for the FDA stamp. These products must adhere to the regulations set by the Food and Drug Association to be termed as organic.

That said, you will see a plethora of natural cosmetics, but they all may not be organic. So, what is the difference between organic and natural makeup?

Organic Cosmetics

Are Organic and Natural Cosmetics the Same?

You may have seen the words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ being used interchangeably. However, they do not mean the same. While natural cosmetics include nature-based ingredients, that is not the 100% composition of the product.

In some cases, only 5-10% of such items will include natural ingredients, while the rest 90-95% is chemical-based. On the other hand, some natural products may consist of a multitude of natural composites from chemically-fertilized plants.

These points make for the prime differentiating factors between natural and organic cosmetics. In the end, cosmetics need to meet specific standards for reaching the organic category, while it is not mandatory for natural.

How Is Organic Make-up Beneficial?

You can check out the benefits of organic cosmetics below. 

Works for the Long-Term

Organic cosmetics include natural ingredients that protect your skin from the sun and slow down aging. Also, they contain antioxidants to help your skin breathe and maintain health in the long run!


Chemical, non-organic products provide immediate results, which is why you may love them. However, what about after a few years. Your skin will start aging sooner than you know, and it will be too late to take any action. Organic products are chemical-free and protect your skin cells from getting damaged.

Nutritious Value

Natural ingredients such as essential oils from rose, almonds, avocados, olive, jojoba, etc., have more benefits than you can count. Organic cosmetics comprise only and only plants, fruits, vegetables, and other natural extracts. These ingredients are significantly-nutritious for your skin.

Why Use Organic Cosmetics?

Eco-Friendly and Substantial

 Ingredients such as aluminum, lead, petroleum, etc., are hazardous for the environment. They damage the soil, rivers, air, and also animals. Moreover, these chemicals are incredibly harmful to your skin. Organic cosmetics end not only the use of these materials in their composition but also their farming methods.

Safe for the Body

While you may be allergic to a specific fruit/vegetable, most organic products are anti-allergic as they are 100% natural. They keep your skin entirely irritation-free while restoring its moisture, oxygen, and essential oils. Additionally, you can rest assured about its quality that eliminates the question of cheap, harmful products.


You may have heard of how brands conduct animal-testing of their products to ensure safety. However, organic products entirely ban such cruel acts. They are naturally harmless, which is why they do not require any testing.

What Ingredients Make Cosmetics Harmful?

So far, you know there are certain chemicals that you should avoid, but what are they? To solve your dilemma, here is a list of the 10 harmful ingredients commonly used in cosmetics.

  • Artificial Perfume
  • Sodium Sulfate
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Diethanolamine
  • Polyethylene Glycol
  • Oxybenzone

Now that you know which cosmetics can harm your skin, make sure to avoid such non-organic products!

What are the Top Organic Cosmetics Brands?

The use of all-natural and no-chemical ingredients make organic cosmetics better and more effective. You also know that you must look for the same in the list of ingredients and certification on the product pack. Still, it can be difficult to identify real organic ones.

Here is an especially-curated list of the top organic and non-toxic brands for your reference.

Juice Beauty

  • USDA-Certified
  • Eco-friendly
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free


  • Environment-friendly
  • Natural vitamins and oils

100% Pure

  • Recycled packing
  • Natural fruit pigments


  • Safe, waterless formulas
  • USDA-certified


  • Vegan and handcrafted
  • Plant-based ingredients


  • Cruelty-free
  • Botanical formulae

RMS Beauty

  • Recyclable packaging
  • Raw and organic ingredients

Au Naturale

  • Natural and handcrafted
  • USDA-certified

Summing Up

Using organic cosmetics is more than just skincare. It includes enriching your skin with valuable nutrients that can be lost due to the use of chemical-based items. Needless to say, you are doing a big favor to the planet by using substantially-manufactured products.

This article answers all your questions about organic makeup and why it is better than the rest. To look and feel beautiful, you need not harm your skin anymore!

Do Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Really Work? 2

Do Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Really Work?

That a question that comes back often “do aromatherapy and essential oils really work?”

To be honest, 10 years ago I had no idea until my wife started using essential oils at night in a diffuser – she called it aromatherapy and I was clueless – it does happen when you don’t know.

Aromatherapy and essential oils stimulate smell receptors in the nose thus the name derived from the word aroma. Those receptors send messages to the limbic system, part of the brain that controls emotions and memories. The oil molecules also go through our lungs and end up in our bloodstream.

Good examples are smelling freshly baked cookies brings back childhood memories and calm down anxieties or popcorn smell makes us want to watch a movie – weird but true, I’m sure you experienced it.

Don’t go bake cookies yet 🙂 Modern aromatherapy uses essential oils which are also used during massages to help relax tight muscles.

How do you use aromatherapy and essential oils?

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are concentrated extracts from plants – it can be from flowers, leaves, or even stems. To extract oils it’s “easy”:

  • Steam Distillation – Steam breaks the oil’s cells of the plant which is later collected through a condenser – about the same process as alcohol stills.
  • Expression – an old word that means squeezing – oils are squeezed out of the plant then collected.
  • Enfleurage – another old and long process that involves fat to absorb oils then alcohol to dissolve the oils. Not used industrially but I visited a few labs that manufacture essential oils this way.
  • Maceration – used to make diluted oils by macerating pant in vegetable oil – very slow process and mostly for massage and also very long.
  • Solvent Extraction – not my favorite as it’s a chemical process that produces”absolutes” that are then used to manufacture essential oils – this process extracts up to the last drop of oil and is mostly used for jasmine, tuberose, etc. These flowers are pricey to produce.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction – this modern way is the best as CO2 is completely inert and is used at a low temperature (33 °C or about 91°F) and high pressure some 200 times the normal atmospheric pressure – in these conditions the liquid CO2 becomes a solvent. To harvest the oils, the pressure is released and the CO2 evaporates.

The latest, more industrial provides the best and purest oils as they are not heated or dissolved. Expression is a great process but it takes many more plants for the same result.

Now that we saw how to make essential oils, let’s see how to use them. A common way, if not the most common is to inhale these oils, open one, and sniff deeply. We also use essential oils in diffusers and humidifiers, as well as diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

One I did and it was a mistake was to add drops at the entrance of my nostrils… these oils are very strong and it burned. I put one or two essential oil drops to the palm of my hands and deeply breathe in them.

The idea is not to use too many drops… 🙂

Aromatherapy and essential oils have a large spectrum of medicinal and healing properties. They are antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral making essentials oils a must-have in our medicine cabinets.

Do aromatherapy and essential oils really work?

Yes, but they do not work for everything and if issues persist, check with a qualified medical doctor or an aromatherapist.

Let’s see the major essential oils and their effects – but first let’s check if you are allergic to that specific oil… I am allergic to Eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil which both have many similar compounds. They make me sneeze like there is no tomorrow.

The best is to put a drop of the essential oil mixed with vegetal oil and apply it to an area the size of a quarter on the inside of the forearm. Wait for 24 to 48 hours to see if any reactions occur. In my case, Eucalyptus oil shows a nice pinkish circle where the mixture was applied.

Did you know that essential oils are mostly used for their fragrances? To make soap, perfumes, deodorants, and anything with a great smell.

A very short list of essential oils – I know about 338 between organic, CO2 extracts, blends, etc.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Neroli Flowers – Citrus Aurantium var. Amara
  • Lavender oil: Many find lavender smell relaxing. We used it to relieve stress and anxiety thus promote good sleep (it works for us in a night diffuser quite well).
  • Tea tree oil: This essential oil is used for acne, athlete’s foot, and insect bites – I’m allergic to it, the smell makes me sneeze.
  • Peppermint oil: I sniff it when my nose is clogged, works like a charm. Some use it topically for headaches.
  • Lemon oil: Some find the scent of lemon oil a spirit booster. When I lived in Africa, we used it as an insect repellent and it does work very well.
  • Neroli Oil: oil from the flower of the bitter orange tree. It’s quite rare and the essential version is a bit expensive (Organic Egyptian Oil $344 for 1oz) and is mostly used for depression, anxiety, etc.
    Careful, many sell “Neroli Essential Oil” for less than $15/oz but it’s an absolute with much less potency than the real essential oil.
  • Agarwood Oil: Used for mental relaxation and focus. Agarwood is an extraordinary oil for meditation. Also appreciated purely for its fragrance. Many use it in a personal inhaler. Originally from Southeast Asia (Vietnam), Agarwood is at the center of the Arabian perfume called Oud. quite expensive at $711 for 1 oz.
  • Helichrysum Italicum Oil: is the golden sun of Italy – used for perfumes and skincare, many call it the super arnica of aromatherapy. But it comes with a price tag of around $200/oz 🙁
  • Jasmine Oil: THE feel-good oil which is used in 80% of the perfumes in the world… thus the “real” essential oil comes with a price tag of around $250/oz while cheaper versions sold on Amazon are at $5.5/oz…
  • Yuzu oil: citrus with origins in Tibet and Central China but mostly cultivated in Japan and Korea. The oil has soothing effects and can help reduce tension and anxiety. Not a cheap one @ $82/oz

Many types of oil to choose from some are inexpensive, some are extremely expensive. In any case, avoid oils too cheap to be real, often they are vegetable oils mixed with essential oils at 1 or 2% dilution.

How to use aromatherapy and essential oils?

Simple Aromatherapy

Three main ways:

  • Aromatically – this is the most well common way by using a diffuser, that fills the air with the essential oil. It lets it into your lungs through your nose and finally, it ends in your blood.
    A water-based diffuser works well in the bedroom, just be mindful of the oil to water ratio. A bowl of hot water, a few drops of oil, and a towel works fantastically for nose congestion and sinus infections – see picture
    During the day, I like putting a few drops into the palm of my hands. Cup them around my mouth and nose and take deep breaths in. Works like a charm for cold, allergies, etc.
    We will bring back the plastic pocket inhaler.
  • Topically – this is becoming a very popular way to enjoy essential oils benefits. Place drops of oils on your forehead, behind your ears, wrists, etc.
    If the smell is too strong, dilute the oil with an unscented carrier, such as coconut oil, grape seed, etc.
    I use topical oils at night and they works well when I had a tough day 🙂
  • Internally – this option is getting some buzz even though I am not confident it’s 100% safe. Some ingest essential oils by adding drops as ingredients – a few brands got the FDA approval to use their oils in recipes. Ingestion provides more benefits for the oils at the fastest rate. We do not sell these oils but I’m sure, It will be coming soon.

I would recommend using aromatherapy and essential oils at first then using skin application and why not adding a few drops of FDA approved oils in your favorite recipe. A warning though, what works for me might not work for you!

T-Shirts with sayings

Beautiful T-Shirts With Sayings

We all love T-Shirts with sayings, don’t we? @MySmallStore (check them here) we have quite a few and we continue to hunt for more. Catchy words, meaningful ones, funny short sentences, we get them all – almost all. We avoid crude T-Shirt slogans not only not to make the wearer look bad, but also because we feel it’s not what we want.

When we pick T-Shirts with sayings we skip copyrighted material illegally manufactured – like branded themes, bands, etc. for example, all our AC/DC T-Shirts are tagged “Officially LICENSED Band Merchandise.” 

When selecting a tee, don’t go too cheap and don’t overpay because some “artist” designed it. I say “artist” as some are not afraid of copying a t-shirt design and making it their own – I receive weekly “offers” from those. 

Avoid cheaply made in China tees – around $5 free shipping. Often they are made of broadcloth cotton which should be good enough unless the cotton blend is from poor quality raw material. Completely skip licensed designs from big sites such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc. Sellers can claim they are licensed while they are not and trouble could occur while importing these. We read horror stories about it.

Now that we set the discussion 😉 let’s see what t-shirt you want to wear, what are you looking for? A funny Christmas sayings t-shirt, a dark humor tee, or a t-shirt design that is like you? This is important but for us, the important part is the material used. 

T-Shirts with Saying

Let’s see options for T-Shirts With Sayings:

100% cotton tee

These are quite common and come with a few downsides as the material is not very soft, may shrink after wash. 100% cotton doesn’t mean it’s the highest quality and the treatment that comes with it can cause itching – you know the bleach and all the chemicals uses to grow cotton 🙂 Remember that to grow enough cotton for a tee about 9oz., it takes about 18 teaspoons of chemical! 

100% organic cotton t-shirt

These are quite different you would say but no, they are not. They are way softer… nope. The cotton is exactly the same as the conventionally grown cotton. It’s definitively more environment friendly but not softer. If you go that route, always verify that it 100% organic cotton and not n% organic, n% polyester and nn% conventional cotton – if it does, it would be a very funny sayings t-shirt 🙂 

100% Ring-Spun Cotton tee

We do sell those ring-spun cotton ones. The cotton is spun processed which allows having long fibers twisted together making the cloth very soft, difficult to shrink, and quite comfortable to wear. We noticed that print “stay” in place as the cotton doesn’t deform during washing. Ring-spun cotton exists in 100% organic and conventional.

Blend Cotton t-shirt

These tees come in many flavors:

        • Polyester and cotton blends – they come a bit softer than classic cotton t-shirts, some come with recycled polyester with a higher price tag. 
        • Rayon, polyester, and cotton blend, or tri-blend tees, or next level tri-blend. Rayon is a natural manufactured product and it’s plant-based: wood pulp, but the process is very chemical. These tees are very soft as rayon can be manufactured to feel like silk. A must-try but these T-Shirts with sayings or without can be very expensive up to $40 for real tri-blends tees without any design.

Alternative t-shirt material 

 Opening a new can of worms for your next T-Shirts with sayings:

        • Bamboo or cotton bamboo blend. Bamboo is known to be anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking (keeping moisture out of the skin). Quite an expensive option with 100% bamboo tees tagging at $30+ and no design. Read the tag, many manufacturers have no issue claiming bamboo when in fact it’s a little bamboo and mostly polyester and cotton.
        • Viscose – don’t say it… viscose is like rayon derived from wood pulp 🙂 not 100% natural due to the process but it’s still better than polyester. Like Rayon, Viscose can mimic almost any material.
        • Hemp or cotton/polyester blend tees. This is quite the big hit of this century and I do not agree at 100%. First, the cost can be outrageous – Jungmaven basic tee for $42 which is in fact 30% hemp and 70% cotton. The 100% hemp tee is priced at $98 and that without your favorite funny quotes 🙂 
          I do not agree as for bamboo and wood pulp the process to transform hemp into silk feel cloth takes a lot of energy and chemical products. 
        • Recycled material tees. Another greyish area as we can feel recycled is great but the recycling process can be very extensive thus not that great for the environment. As for the others, check the tag to make sure that the recycled part is not a tiny % of the overall material.  

So, my favorite Star Wars T-shirt is… 100% organic ring-spun cotton – much cleaner for the environment, a plain mechanical process to go from raw cotton to the cloth, quite soft and light without any degradation of the graphics or shrinkage due to washing – about $20+ before prints.

My big problem with bamboo, hemp, wood pulp for my next set of T-shirts with sayings is all the process needed to transform them into useable fibers. I’m a bit concerned when I read words like sodium hydroxide, carbon disulfide, sulfuric acid,  cellulose sodium xanthogenate, or N-methyl morpholine-N-oxide…  not toxic to humans but what about the rest of the environment? I recommend reading the thesis of Fardous Wahid Anik for more information. 

Organic cotton is much better for the environment compared to traditional cotton which is a very pesticide-intensive crop as it consumes 16% of all the insecticides and 6,8% of all herbicides used worldwide for 2.5% of the worldwide agricultural land.

What is Ring-Spun Cotton Used in T-Shirts?

Many ask what is ring-spun cotton used in t-shirts we sell.

In short, ring-spun cotton is softer, thinner, and feels more comfortable than classic carded open-end cotton.

T-shirts described as 100% cotton are manufactured from a less refined open-end cotton, offering good value for less expensive tee shirts.

Let us look at these two main variants:

Ring-Spun Cotton

It means that the cotton goes through a spinning process – about the same as wool. This process straightens each fiber.

The cotton arrives in bales, which are mixed, it’s called blending. It then goes through filters to remove particles like leaves, pieces of stems, etc.  Then it goes through carding – aligning every single fiber of the product carded – my Grandma, who was a farmer, carded wool by hand using wooden paddles. Carding is used for any vegetal or animal fibers. As of today, cotton is still carded by hand in many countries – see picture below of a carder in India.

What is Ring-Spun Cotton Used in T-Shirts?

Carding provides a uniform thickness of the fiber (still untwisted) called sliver. The cotton fiber is almost ready for spinning, felting, and inexpensive cloth making.

When fine yarns are needed, combing follows carding. Combing removes short fibers, providing a thread of long fibers all parallel to each other. The combed cotton is already smoother than the carded only one.

Spinning is the significant next step – to make it simple, spinning takes multiple slivers and combines them into one. There are multiple types of spinning: simple, ring, and adhesive-aided ring spinning

As you can imagine, it all depends on the type of cotton, some have mostly short fibers, others have mostly long fibers which is chosen for the ring-spun cotton. 

You might have seen statements such as “organic cotton is softer.” It’s true and not that true. Spun cotton organic or not will be softer than carded cotton – be careful, we saw “organic” cotton mentions about ring-spun traditional cotton t-shirts. Softer doesn’t mean organic, it means a better manufacturing process.

Carded Cotton

Carding is a cheaper process of turning cotton into usable yarn. In this method, cotton fibers held together by a fiber that runs around the slivers, while in ring-spun processed cotton, all of the fibers are aligned in the same direction. 

This process makes the fiber bulky, and much less smooth compared to the spun one.

Carding machines are not that simple as there are five steps to the card: Lickerin, cylinder, flats, offer, and coiler.

The lickerin is covered with coarse teeth; the cylinder, flats, and doffer are composed of thousands of fine wire teeth; the coiler delivers the high quality carded cotton.

Other Cotton Processes

Soft Spun Cotton is a modern way (less expensive) to produce spun cotton yet the result doesn’t provide smoother cotton compare to the ring (wheel) spun version.

Twisted Cotton is a part of the spinning process, ring-spun cotton is definitively twisted.

Air Jet spun Cotton is manufactured in Rieter carding machines and air-jet looms. Most of which deliver open-ended cotton 

Fun cotton facts

Did you know that cotton will stretch only 8 to 10% before breaking and its tensile strength is about 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms)? Remember that that is for one fiber… cotton products at composed of thousand of fibers 🙂 – by the way dry cotton is less resistant than wet cotton.

Did you know that cotton is absorbent, breathable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic? Remember that printing ink can be toxic and allergenic. We saw t-shirts printed with arsenic-based inks 🙁 

Did you know that cotton is made of cellulose? As are rayon and wood pulp fibers! Cellulose is a naturally occurring molecule. This makes cotton 100% biodegradable – careful, colored, and printed cotton may/will lose the biodegradability unless you chose a 100% biodegradable one but then… the colors fade with washing… I know, lose, lose situation 🙂

Did you know that good quality ring-spun cotton doesn’t shrink? Well, unless like my ex did, boil then heat dry my favorite ACDC T-Shirt 🙁 –  regular wash and dry will not affect the size of your tees or any other good quality ring-spun cotton outfit.

Did you know that cotton dust can cause Byssinosis? A lung disease also called brown lung disease. It’s caused by inhaling cotton, hemp, and flax particles – no worries it affects workers in poorly ventilated with no air filtration factories. 

Hoping this answers the question: “What is Ring-Spun Cotton Used in T-Shirts”

What Branded Bag is Worth Buying?

Another great question: What branded bag is worth buying?

So you’re in the market for a designer-brand bag and you’re not sure exactly what you want or what to look for? Fear not, we’re here to help. It’s true there is a few factors your need to consider before investing in a brand new bag. And a designer bag is a sure way to get quality, durability, and looks for a long time.

But which one is right for you? We’ll talk about four different brands today and tell you about a few reasons that make all of them great options for this holiday season and pretty much all year, no matter when you’re reading this.

Versace Jeans

This is a brand that’s really playful and bold when it comes to design. You can find very minimalistic, beautiful models or you can get a more “in your face” look, but still an elegant one nonetheless. This confidence in looks is what makes Versace Jeans a great option to consider investing in.

Of course, it also has one of the most iconic and recognizable logos out there so no matter which look you choose people will always know what you’re using. Consider this if you want to go for a more discreet look that doesn’t attract too much attention.

[wps_products vendor="Versace Jeans" limit=6]

See all our Versace Jeans Products here.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an amazing brand for those who look for style and durability. Their bags are made with equal focus on function and construction as well as on looks. A wide variety of colors is also a great way to choose exactly what you want to go with your favorite look or style.

They’re also pretty good with organization bot on the interior and exterior of each bag so you’ll have pockets for everything you need to carry with you on an everyday basis. Just very convenient!

Another great What branded bag is worth

Love Moschino

Answering what branded bag is worth buying? We can’t help but loving Love Moschino (no pun intended) because they offer a wide variety of designs that are all fun, colorful, and unique. You really can’t have two models of this brand that look similar and this uniqueness is very much appreciated.

Of course, they also go the extra step and offer vegan synthetic leather in many of their most beautiful bags. So you’ll be enjoying your bag with the peace of mind provided by knowing no animal was harmed in the production of your favorite bag.

Coach New York

Coach has been evolving into a luxury brand that’s stronger each year thanks to three main reasons: exquisite materials, great construction, and terrific versatility. Some of their bags give an open option to be used in more than one style (i.e. a shoulder bag with an adjustable strap can become a crossbody bag) and all styles look great without subtracting function from the equation.

With this high quality and focus on adaptation and evolution, Coach is a pretty safe bet for an investment whether it’s your first bag or the hundredth one.

Of course, there are many other brands to consider, but this would just be too long. Want some names? Try Hermès, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. All of those brands have amazing options for everyone. Just be mindful they could be a little pricier than the ones we spoke about today.

But at the end of the day, what branded bag is worth buying? It all comes down to personal preference and specific needs you may have for your bag. Looks, function, size, style, material… all of those are important and should be considered before making an informed decision. What branded bag are you going for next time you make a purchase? Let us know which one you like the best and why. You could have very valuable reasons that we didn’t talk about here!

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Is Michael Kors a Luxury Brand?

Let’s answer this question “Is Michael Kors a luxury brand?”

Hello and welcome to another blog post where we’ll be discussing whether if Michael Kors is considered a luxury brand or not. Have you ever asked this question yourself?

So you’re considering getting yourself or a loved one a brand new Michael Kors bag but you’re not sure if the brand can be considered a luxury one or not? There is some info that could solve this question for you, let’s review some of them.

Let’s start with the materials they use for their products. If we talk about a leather bag, you have to know it’s a very high quality that resists the test of time and, with proper care, can make for a bag that will be with you for a good part of your life looking and working perfectly, just as new.

Is Michael Kors a luxury brand

Fabrics chosen for non-leather bags are also great for everyday use since, besides the material, construction is made with care and high-quality assurance.

But luxury brands go for more than just sturdiness. Michael Kors also has a wide variety of designs that will appeal to a broad audience and work with many styles and looks. There are bags for both casual and formal occasions and there are even those that work for both since some of them are versatile enough to be used with more than one style in mind thanks to universally appealing designs and convenient accessories such as adjustable and removable straps.

There’s no doubt that Michael Kors does a very good job adapting to the times and lifestyles of their clients with products planned and made for them no matter the season.

But what about the price? There are some people that have this idea of Michael Kors products being overpriced. But luxury brands usually land on the pricier side, you know? Prices are defined by the quality of the materials they use, the designs they choose and the processes allowing certain products to reach retails before you getting it for yourself. And demand is another big part of this story, as products with big demand tend to get higher prices. So thinking Michael Kors is a pricey brand is actually a good sign for its quality and luxury-status.

Many people also compare Michael Kors with brands such as Coach or Tory Burch. And although this comparison may seem fair, those brands are also considered on a level people call “entry-level luxury brand”. In simple terms, these are luxury brands but with shorter history and recognition compared to others with decades making top quality products.

So it comes down to definitions, comparisons, and considerations. It’s hard to objectively catalog this kind of things. So it has to come down to feeling, to opinion from the customers who consume these products. And general opinion agrees that Michael Kors has enough history, characteristics, and processes to generate products that do fit in the luxury brand category.

Entry-level maybe, yes, but this is great news for consumers since entry-level means competitive prices and further efforts by the brand to position itself above the competition and enter the next level of top-luxury brands (such as Louis Vuitton and Prada). Which means better overall value even if the prices go up in the next few years.

So if you’re considering Michael Kors, it’s a great moment to try out this brand and see how it fits your style and your needs. Who knows, you’ll probably start getting more and making this your brand of choice. Start by browsing the selection of Michael Kors we have here, all of them are great choices for all tastes and needs. Let us know what’s your favorite! We’ve got great prices and free shipping!

To conclude, Is Michael Kors a luxury brand? Most definitively YES, maybe an entry-level one but a luxury one that will get you noticed!

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Things Everyone Should Have in Their Love Moschino Backpack

What should you have in your Love Moschino backpack?

Love Moschino backpacks are unique. They have the looks to fit into anyone’s style, the design to be both attractive to others and functional for the owner, and they also have the healthy size to keep everything you need for school or work and carry it with you comfortably and safely.

And despite backpacks being present throughout our life, Love Moschino backpacks come to stay because of their remarkable construction and durability.

So you have your Love Moschino backpack, and some essentials should always be inside it. Today we’re going to make a quick run through these items and why they always need to be inside your backpack.

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See all our backpacks here

Sanitizing kit

Of course, in these COVID-19 times, you need to have some of this for your personal use whenever you’re outside. Hand sanitizer can be found everywhere, but it’s better if you carry a small bottle for personal use. Some sanitizing towels or a small spray presentation for surfaces is also a good idea for the classroom, a restaurant, or any occasion where you might have to be in contact with a surface that may represent a risk.

Remember you also need to wear a mask everywhere; so carrying an extra one in your Love Moschino backpack may not be a bad idea.

A notebook

This is always handy, no matter who you are or what you do. Of course, we always have some kind of smart device with us that’s perfectly capable of taking notes, plan your next day, or get the autograph of someone famous you run into! (Yes, really). You can even think of this as an emergency means of taking notes in class for whenever your electronics run out of battery.

Speaking of which…

Notebook, tablet, and phone

Many of us carry all 3 of them with us everywhere. Is it a little too much? Maybe. But be mindful of some work and study, and require different tools throughout the day. Or one may be a backup for another.

Chargers and/or power bank

Of course, these digital ages demand means to charge up your electronics. And even if you can’t find a place to settle for a while and charge them you can do it on the go with a trusty power bank.

Some snacks and bottled water

You need to stay hydrated throughout the day, and you can also ensure you stay healthy by having some water with you at all times. You also need some snacks to make it through the day just in case you can’t stop for lunch at home, or you’re late for some important appointment.


If you spend most of your day away from home, chances are you’ll need to make some adjustments to your makeup during the day. And the convenient size of a Love Moschino backpack will ensure you always have what you need to look perfect no matter where you are. Just make sure you have proper cases to protect it all and ensure everything’s sealed correctly, so you don’t have to clean a mess later.

Your medications

If you’re under treatment, it’s best to have some of your medicine at hand with you in case you can’t come home to take it on time. And even if you’re not taking any medication at all, it’s always convenient to have a spare aspirin, something for the flu, or other commonly-used drugs for minor symptoms. You know, it’s still best to stay safe.

What other things can you think of that you can’t take out of your Love Moschino backpack? We mentioned just a few, so we’re sure you can come up with a least a couple more!

love moschino backpack

What’s the Perfect Coach Bag for Every Occasion?

We’ve all asked ourselves what’s the perfect Coach bag regarding a specific occasion when we want to look fantastic, head to toe, including our bag. In this space, we’ve learned how to choose a perfect bag for yourself or someone else, and we’ve even told you about how some Coach bags have absolute versatility that allows you to use them in more than one style.

But we also know you’re here for the short answer. You’ve got quite a collection of bags and need to decide what you need to wear today, or some other special day. We’ve got you covered.

Shoulder/crossbody bags.

Shoulder bags and crossbody bags are big and spacious, perfect Coach bag for when you need to carry many things or bigger things with you. They’re also comfy thanks to their broader straps, so use these for a casual occasion such as a meet up with friends or a friendly, casual work reunion out of the office.

If you also need to use these on a formal occasion, try to choose a color that contrasts with your outfit’s primary color for the day. You may think these are not for formal dates, but you’d be surprised by how good one of these look when matched correctly.


Perfect Coach Bag

We already know these are to carry a lot of stuff and heavier stuff than other things you could carry on a tote bag of smaller models. So you know these are for far more than just your essentials. You’ll be carrying your laptop, tablet, some notebooks, and makeup here. So these are ideal for college students and office workers who are on the move.

Of course, you may think backpacks are far too casual for work. But we invite you to look at some fantastic leather models that are tasteful, fashionable, and way better for this than you might think.

Messenger bags.

Messenger bags are also an excellent choice for those trying to carry quite a few things in a different style. They’re fashionable and trendy but are not meant for a lot of weight since you can only wear them in one shoulder, so be mindful of this.

If they have a top handle, you can remove the strap and use them like a suitcase. Having a more formal look for your every day at work looks.

Top-handle bags.

These kinds of bags are, of course, smaller and can’t carry a lot of weight since you’ll be doing so in just one hand with one or a couple of short straps. Space is limited, so you won’t be able to carry more than a wallet, makeup, and a few essentials.

But it’s precisely this size that makes top-handle bags ideal and the perfect Coach bag for any formal occasion. A date with a loved one will be better since these bags are usually discrete and don’t call for much attention so that you can be the start of the night yourself.

Clutch bags and wallets.

These are, of course, the smallest options and with limited space for just your cash, cards, keys, and a few other small items.

These are perfect for casual, laid back dates or any other events where you won’t need to carry anything but your essentials. They are comfortable to use because they’re supposed to be lightweight, so choose carefully what you’re going to be carrying on them.

All options, of course, will be perfect when you’re carrying a perfect Coach bag with you. Because as you already know by now, there are exceptional handbags for all seasons, uses, and occasions. It’s just a matter of choosing your next bag right here. Which one is your absolute favorite style? We’d love to know!

Is Love Moschino and Moschino the same?

To answer the question is Love Moschino and Moschino, the same.

My answer will be French Normandy style: yes and no. Happy with my answer? Let’s see why I can’t give a straight answer.

Yes, because Love Moschino and Moschino are the same fashion house, same fashion brand.

The Moschino collection includes the following labels, also called diffusion lines for men and women.

  • Moschino main label for women and men
  • Moschino Cheap and Chic is a secondary youthful label, created in 1988 and exclusively for women and is since 2014 called Boutique Moschino
  • Love Moschino another secondary label for women and men. Until 2008, it was called Moschino Jeans another chic line
  • Moschino also has since 2009 “Maison Moschino,” a train station on Viale Monte Grappa, Milan.

No, Love Moschino and Moschino are not the same because the customer base is very different, one for more affluent people looking for a more unconventional style, the other, younger and much less affluent looking for a known and more wearable designer brand Moschino.

Yet, I know many affluent customers who swear by Love Moschino.

Many claim that the difference between Moschino and Love Moschino is the price, and I can’t entirely agree.

Indeed, the beautiful runway style Silk Organza Dress With Sequin Embroidery at $6,500 is way pricier than the Love Moschino Fleece Dress Crystal Logo at $286.

Look at both pictures. The styles are entirely different, as well as the price and the material. The Moschino is 100% Silk with no branding – the design is the branding. The love Moschino dress is 95% Cotton, 5% Elastan with a printed, very noticeable brand – Is Love Moschino and Moschino the same, really not looking at the design!

Is Love Moschino and Moschino the same

Think about yourself, which dress would you wear to a chic party? Which one for shopping?  

Let’s look at handbags, the Face Print Clutch at $550 or the Clutch With Stars at $115, as for the dresses, one has a prominent logo, for the other one, the design is the logo. Same question as before: is Love Moschino and Moschino the same, really not looking at these beautiful handbag designs.

Is Love Moschino and Moschino the same

We could go on and on 😊

Now, do you think that the difference between Moschino and Love Moschino is “only” the price tag?

I know you are already asking about Boutique Moschino. This third line is also a diffusion line well placed between the two other lines.

Boutique is a bit more “exotic” than Love Moschino with a lower price tag than Moschino.

The final answer is that both lines are from the same fashion house with different designs and prices.  I hope I answered your question, is Love Moschino and Moschino the same.

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Quick Moschino history

Moschino was founded near Milan in 1983 by Franco Moschino.

Contrary to other fashion designers, Franco’s family owned an iron foundry. He wanted to become an artist painter.

Franco Moschino enrolled at the famous Marangoni Institute. During his studies, he worked as an illustrator for fashion magazines and fashion designers. After graduation, he worked for Versace as an illustrator.

In 1983, Moschino started Moonshadow, and launched Moschino Couture!

He created casualwear and jeans but quickly extended to lingerie, eveningwear, shoes, menswear, and perfumes.

Moschino’s designs were innovative and uncommon, like the famous eccentric black denim mini-skirt decorated with plastic fried eggs

He was called the Jean-Paul Gaultier of Italian fashion for his highly creative designs.

Franco loved playing with statements like “Expensive Jacket” embroidered in gold across the back of a cashmere jacket.

He loved mocking fashion classics such as the Chanel jacket with very showy details making him quite famous in the industry he satirized.

Before his death, Franco worked to raise money for hospices for children with AIDS. He passed in 1994 at the age of 44 from AIDS ☹

Rossella Jardini, Former Moschino creative director, took over and fulfilled the role of “creative witness,” preserving the style and philosophical tactic.

In 1999 Moschino joined the group Aeffe created by Alberta Ferretti and include Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Pollini.

In 2013, Jeremy Scott became Moschino’s creative director.

How to Keep your Designer Bag Clean and Sanitized

Cleaning a Designer Bag

In this so-called new normal, it’s more important than ever to keep our Designer Bag clean and sanitized as much as possible. And if you’re already going out, then you’re probably carrying your bag everywhere you go, putting it on different surfaces and touching it constantly. We need to keep it as clean and sanitized as possible.

So we wanted to share a few tips with you on how you can keep your bag clean without ruining it since different materials require different cleaning solutions. So if you want to keep your handbag clean and in top shape, you’ll want to continue reading.

Designer Bag Cleaning

Don’t use alcohol.

Alcohol maybe a great way to sanitize many things, but your designer bag is not one of them, especially if it’s made of authentic or synthetic leather. Damage done by directly rubbing alcohol may be irreversible.

Of course, if your tote bag is made of a sturdy, plastic material trying to use alcohol is worth a try. Use a bit on a discrete part of your bag and see if you notice a change after a couple of days.  But remember that, even if you don’t notice any harm, alcohol is a very aggressive substance that should not be used as a long-term solution.

How about baby wipes or specialized cleaning wipes?

Designer handbag Cleaning wipes are a better option, but still non-desirable. Since some of them also have alcohol to some degree, it’s better to use them on non-leather materials since these are more likely to withstand the chemical reactions caused by cleaning products.

Textile accessories or materials handle these solutions better. And you should have no problem using these wipes on metallic components in your bag. Just be sure to watch if you notice any change in color or shine of these elements.

The classic solution: water and soap.

Cleaning your top-handles designer bag with a towel using water and soap is always a good idea since you’re not using aggressive chemicals that could fade your colors or wear the bag itself. Please don’t use too much water or soap either. Dry it immediately, so dampness is not a problem, especially on the inside of your bag.

Try to use soap with the less-acidic pH possible. And wipe immediately, so it only works on the surface on your bag and doesn’t penetrate it.

The specialized solution.

The good news is there are solutions specially made to clean your bag without the risk of deterioration. Anti-bacterial cleanses work outside your bag but also on the inside.

Leather bags benefit greatly from specialized leather gels and shampoos that wipe out any contaminants from your beautiful designer bag without damaging it, and water stop sprays work as a coating layer for leather, suede, synthetic and textile materials. So it may be a good idea to use it as a precaution before leaving home.

The BEST Option.

It’s a simple one really but by far the most effective solution to keep COVID-19 out of your system even if it reaches your designer bag: wash your hands constantly. It’s not a disinfectant solution per se, but it is by far the best way to keep your bag clean and the risk of having something ugly in there that you could get as low as possible. Wash your hands before and after touching it, and it should remain clean as long as you also make sure the surfaces in contact with it are also as clean as possible. Always be mindful of where you leave it and who might be in contact with it.

Also, remember some models of designer bag come with a dust bag included. You may want to keep it handy these days as it’s a great way to protect it now more than ever.

Can you think of any other solutions?