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Recently, I received complains that my designer handbags are going out of stock quickly. Unfortunately, it’s true and there is very little I can do about it. I sell on MySmall.Store, eBay, Facebook and Amazon which is a lot of potential buyers. Prices are the same on the 4 channels – on my website I do offer promotions though. 

My designer handbags are cheaper that other sites, remember I use a different sourcing method by negotiating not only the price but also warehousing at the manufacturer and shipping cost as well. Saving around 20 to 30% on the CoG (cost of goods) – savings that immediately reflects on your cost.

For example, this beautiful Love Moschino Women’s Designer pink shoulder bag for $107 and FREE Shipping, can be also found in many stores on Google Shopping for $143 to $230 shipping included. Amazon has it too for $141 to $238, eBay has it as well from $130 (from Ukraine) to $219.

When products are cheaper, ship very fast and are the real deal, they sell fast – thus going out-of-stock frequently.

What can you do? When you’re set on a designer handbag and found a great deal from me or any other store, buy it, the more you wait, the more chances it will go “sold out”.

I know, the meaning of this post is "sorry, nothing can do" - please don't call that poor customer service, it's just the unfortunate truth,

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