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Bobo Bird Unique Handmade Wood Sunglasses – #1 Quality

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Bobo Bird manufacturing is located in Northern China. It all started in 1995 when a father made a wooden watch for his son. Years later, the son created the BOBO BIRD company for his father because the watch he received on his birthday was the most special gift he had ever gotten.

The name of BOBO BIRD comes from a North China local birds that their calling sounds like BO-BO.

Today Bobo Bird is not only a sunglasses brand but it also designs and manufactures beautiful and unique watches, wallets, and eco-friendly high-quality wooden sunglasses with 100% UV protection, in fact they are UV400 which protects from all UVA and UVB but also from the 400 nanometers UV.

Why Wood Sunglasses?

First and most important, all woods are reclaimed and recycled. Maple wood, Bamboo, Zebrawood, Sandalwood, even the Zebrawood are reclaimed and recycled.  Making these wood frame sunglasses even better, each pair is unique. 

Bobo Bird wooden sunglasses are handmade, polarized lenses, UV400  protection, some are mirrored, some have acetate frames, some are 100% natural wood, or bamboo sunglasses. Look at our collection of the best wood sunglasses for men, women, or unisex.

Why choose a high level of UV protection, read our post about protective eyewear, how they work, and how they are made.  

Why Bobo Bird?

We carry other brands of wood sunglasses, like:

  • Zerpico beautiful, handmade as well, and hitting $50+ for a pair of wood based sunnies. 
  • WUDN (Wooden), also beautiful, handcrafted but with a price tag above $60
  • Chocolate&Nut, really outstanding design, handmade, UV400, fast Shipping but be ready to spend at least $100 or close to
  • TommyOwens, handmade luxury shades with a luxury price tag around and above $100
  • More wood and bamboo glasses coming to our store 😎

It is easy to understand why we #LOVE Bobo Bird wood sunglasses for around $30 you get a pair of shades you will love and enjoy. We visited several artisans who make them and the work conditions and treatment of the workers are good compared to some sweatshops we saw (these have been fired). 

The only downside is you’ll have to wait to get them. We have many sunglasses in transit and worse case scenario we can ask the wood-maker shop to send it to you directly – it saves about 2 to 3 weeks. If you can’t wait, we understand (I’m not great at waiting 😁), you can go to the next manufacturer (see list above) or go with Amazon who sells cheap industrially made wood sunnies without regard to human condition (ok, mean but true 😉)

Oh, there is another downside with these wood sunglasses 😜 they are handmade with natural wood. Meaning 2 pairs DO NOT have the exact same wood grain, tint and look. A customer ordered 2 pairs and asked to verify if we shipped the same pairs…  Yup we did. So, don’t be surprised if your Bobo Bird wood sunglasses are UNIQUE, because they are!


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