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Bobo Bird Unique Handmade Wood Sunglasses – #1 Quality

Bobo Bird manufacturing is located Northern China. It all started in 1995 when a father made a wooden watch for his son. Years later, the son created the BOBO BIRD company for his father because the watch he received on his birthday was the most special gift he had ever gotten. The name of BOBO BIRD comes from a North China local birds that their calling sounds like BO-BO.

Today Bobo Bird designs and manufactures not only beautiful and unique watch but also wallets and sunglasses subject of this post.

Why Wood Sunglasses?

First and most important, all woods are reclaimed and recycled. Maple wood, Bamboo, Zebra wood, Sandalwood, even the Zebra wood are reclaimed and recycled. 

Bobo Bird wooden sunglasses are handmade, polarized, UV400  protection, some are mirrored, some have acetate frames, some are 100% wood or bamboo made. Look at our collection of the best wood sunglasses for men, women or unisex.

Why chose high level of UV protection, read our post about protective eyewear, how they work and how they are made.  

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