My Small Store and Amazon Checkout – #1 Best of Both Worlds

When shopping with us, you will finalize your purchase on Amazon. We decided in Summer 2020 to provide:

  • Better shopping experience,
  • More safety and more guaranties,
  • Less impact from COVID and civil unrests

Better shopper experience with Amazon Checkout

Amazon Checkout

We are a small shop, thus not enough people to assist customers 24/7. When checking out through Amazon, we leverage its customer service power. Do you want to know on a Saturday morning the status of a package? Chat, call, check your order status from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Easy and convenient.

You are hesitant about entering your personal and financial information on an unknown website, i.e., MySmall.Store – we understand that, and we would be too πŸ™‚ Most of us already have an Amazon account, no need to re-enter any address, email, or credit card number.

Just click add to cart, proceed to checkout and confirm your purchase on Amazon – simple, easy – convenient!

More safety and more guaranties

When buying for the first time on a website, many questions come to mind:

  • Is it safe?
  • Will my order ship?
  • When will I receive it?
  • What about returns, refunds?
  • What if I’m not happy with what I ordered?
  • Etc.

Store owners can tell you in writing that your transaction is 100% safe, that your order will ship quickly, and you have 15/30 days to return your purchase, but often we feel it’s just words… you have been there, us too.

Amazon Checkout has an A-Z Guarantee with stipulations that no other business can offer, like having up to 90 days after the estimated delivery date to request a refund under guarantee. You read it right, 3 months, not 15 days or 30 days. The best part is that most of the time, you’ll receive a free shipping label to return your purchase – you can’t beat that, can you?

Also important is data security, not just privacy – who has the most chance to get hacked? Us or the big huge company that spends hundreds of millions making its system secure?

Less impact from COVID and civil unrests

For My Small Store, it has been a huge discovery – how do we keep our employees, customers, and vendors safe? Social distancing is not easy when it comes to packing and shipping πŸ™ someone has to go to the warehouse to prepare orders, alone is not really safe – working from home is great, not when you have 50 orders to prepare while making sure they are free of the virus.

In Minneapolis, we had serious civil unrest, businesses burnt down, warehouses emptied and destroyed, courier trucks attacked and robbed – fortunately, we were not impacted directly yet, for several days at the time, we could not access our warehouse, no UPS or FedEx, we had to cancel many orders as we could not fulfill them πŸ™Β  Always in fear that something might happen to our staff and our stock.

Our Neighborhood
This is a shop in our neighborhood – robbed and burnt to the ground.


To be honest, we considered ending our adventure. The use of Amazon Checkout to complete purchases seemed at first very expensive until we got new quotes from our insurance and from contractors to make the warehouse more secure and “fireproof”. The new risk is so high that the insurance tripled and the work to be done made Amazon a viable option.

Instead of worrying, we can focus on hunting great fashion products, great deals, and let Amazon Checkout take care of payment, shipping, and customer service which by the way is terrific!

To end on a good note, no job was lost due to this transition. Many had a job change with full training and quite some interesting feedbacks like Joe who was a part-time packing/shipping employee and became a full-time social media manager and who would NEVER go back to packing πŸ™‚