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Things Everyone Should Have in Their Love Moschino Backpack

What should you have in your Love Moschino backpack?

Love Moschino backpacks are unique. They have the looks to fit into anyone’s style, the design to be both attractive to others and functional for the owner, and they also have the healthy size to keep everything you need for school or work and carry it with you comfortably and safely.

And despite backpacks being present throughout our life, Love Moschino backpacks come to stay because of their remarkable construction and durability.

So you have your Love Moschino backpack, and some essentials should always be inside it. Today we’re going to make a quick run through these items and why they always need to be inside your backpack.

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Sanitizing kit

Of course, in these COVID-19 times, you need to have some of this for your personal use whenever you’re outside. Hand sanitizer can be found everywhere, but it’s better if you carry a small bottle for personal use. Some sanitizing towels or a small spray presentation for surfaces is also a good idea for the classroom, a restaurant, or any occasion where you might have to be in contact with a surface that may represent a risk.

Remember you also need to wear a mask everywhere; so carrying an extra one in your Love Moschino backpack may not be a bad idea.

A notebook

This is always handy, no matter who you are or what you do. Of course, we always have some kind of smart device with us that’s perfectly capable of taking notes, plan your next day, or get the autograph of someone famous you run into! (Yes, really). You can even think of this as an emergency means of taking notes in class for whenever your electronics run out of battery.

Speaking of which…

Notebook, tablet, and phone

Many of us carry all 3 of them with us everywhere. Is it a little too much? Maybe. But be mindful of some work and study, and require different tools throughout the day. Or one may be a backup for another.

Chargers and/or power bank

Of course, these digital ages demand means to charge up your electronics. And even if you can’t find a place to settle for a while and charge them you can do it on the go with a trusty power bank.

Some snacks and bottled water

You need to stay hydrated throughout the day, and you can also ensure you stay healthy by having some water with you at all times. You also need some snacks to make it through the day just in case you can’t stop for lunch at home, or you’re late for some important appointment.


If you spend most of your day away from home, chances are you’ll need to make some adjustments to your makeup during the day. And the convenient size of a Love Moschino backpack will ensure you always have what you need to look perfect no matter where you are. Just make sure you have proper cases to protect it all and ensure everything’s sealed correctly, so you don’t have to clean a mess later.

Your medications

If you’re under treatment, it’s best to have some of your medicine at hand with you in case you can’t come home to take it on time. And even if you’re not taking any medication at all, it’s always convenient to have a spare aspirin, something for the flu, or other commonly-used drugs for minor symptoms. You know, it’s still best to stay safe.

What other things can you think of that you can’t take out of your Love Moschino backpack? We mentioned just a few, so we’re sure you can come up with a least a couple more!

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