Women and Men Sunglasses

Looking good with your latest shades is great but wearing UV protecting eyewear is more important. My Small Store only sells high UV protection sunglasses. A good example is my dad who wore his "old" 1960 era sun glasses his whole life - I gave him a new pair but no thank you "I'm used to too much my sun cheaters".   

Nice way to save money right? not really at 65 he had cataract and macular degeneration both are age related but increases considerably with UV exposure. 

In your fashion collection accessories you have to have good quality shades with good UV protection (I always recommend UV400), polarized sunglasses if possible. Then you can look at the designer brands (known or not) like Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Kate Spade, Maui Jim, Oakley, Pierre Balmain, Cardin, Royal Hot etc. The shape is also important to make sure your new acquisition covers your eye. 

You're wondering what type of sunglass I wear, well I like aviator sunglasses (I'm a private pilot).