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We focus on Fairtrade, Natural, Handmade and Organic products from handbags to natural skin care including the famous wood and bamboo sunglasses.

Fairtrade and Handmade

Why? Just because we can’t afford the mistakes made in the past by poorly treated workers and the environment. Fairtrade because everyone deserves living wages and growth opportunities, Handmade because artisan are more conscientious of their impact on others and the environment. See my blog about firing vendors 🙂

Handmade Sea Salt Soap
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Handmade Sea Salt Soap

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The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils
The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are taking over the world by storm as centuries-old western medicine fails to provide relief. Let’s discuss the benefits of Essential Oils. As many people try to avoid opioid dependence, essential oils offer a natural and non-addictive path to cope with their chronic ailments. Despite their popularity, essential oils are not regulated by …

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