Even More Reasons to Start Using Natural Cosmetics

Even more reasons to start using natural cosmetics

Thank you so much for your support on our last blog post about the need to start loving and using natural cosmetics. We’ve decided we needed to dive a little deeper and offer some more reasons so we can all convince more people to take the leap into the wonderful world of more natural, organic skin care and body care routines.

So, we mentioned we can all find natural alternatives to all kinds of makeup products nowadays. And if you really want to, you can translate your entire routine to natural, organic products only. I’m talking about everything from concealers and primers to lip balms, eye shadows and mascara.

So why bother switching? We’re glad you asked. Please keep on reading and enjoy.

Their ecological print.

Everything we use has a cost: water, resources, transportation, and different processes. But in a world where it’s more and more necessary to learn how to recycle, it’s not always possible to do it properly when it comes to beauty and self-care products. The product, let’s say powder, may leave some organic residues in a not-so-biodegradable, inorganic package. If this ends up in an ocean, it could do harm in the long run.

Organic makeup brands are starting to offer 100% recyclable products and packages. So the ecological print becomes lower and lower as these materials go back to the companies to bring new life to them.

Using Natural Cosmetics

Our allergies.

Have you ever encountered a certain product that causes a sudden and very uncomfortable rash on your skin? Or maybe a smell of one of your base makeup products that always makes you sneeze? Allergies are a pretty common thing among young and old, but we usually go through with it because how could we live without our makeup? You don’t have to suffer anymore since organic ingredients found in natural makeup products are less likely to cause any harm to you or those around you. So you can now look fantastic without all that suffering.

They’re cruelty-free.

We mentioned this briefly in our last post about using natural cosmetics, but we’d like to emphasize this a bit more. When you decide to get a product has not been tested in animals, you’re saving more lives that you may realize. A variety of creatures going from bunnies to monkeys and even pigs are used to test potentially hazardous materials as part of a decades-old tradition in the mainstream makeup industry. You’ve probably heard about it, it’s not pretty. So why keep supporting these practices? Natural makeup with a clear legend saying “cruelty-free” is the way to go. It’s the human thing to do.

So we’re inviting you to take the first step. Get that natural cream you’ve been seeing at the store lately. Ran out of blush? Get a natural one, you might like it better. Need a hair product and you’re feeling adventurous? It’s time to give these cosmetics and products a well-deserved chance. They’re doing their part researching and creating natural, safe alternatives for us all. Let’s start taking matters in our hands as well. For a better world, start using natural cosmetics!

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