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How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit

Picking the perfect swimsuit

Isn’t this a question we’d like answered correctly every time we find ourselves shopping for a new swimsuit? Truth is, there is not a correct answer but many! And they involve everything from trends to personal tastes. So let’s try to take some elements into consideration and ask a few questions for the next time you shop for your next swimsuit.

What’s the latest trend and how do you feel about it?

Celebrities and influencers around the world dictate the most recent trends for each season, and swimsuits are no exception. But that doesn’t mean you should follow all trends.

Swimsuits are special because it’s not only about how you look but how you feel as well. You show a bit more skin in areas you probably aren’t used to show. So take what’s comfortable for you and adapt it to your personal style and taste. Don’t like bikinis? There are some cute one-piece models. Feel like you don’t have the body type of those using a specific and perfect swimsuit? Look for another model in the same color or print.

Make a perfect swimsuit fashion work for you and not the other way around.

Where are you going to take your perfect swimsuit?

This is a crucial question since you can absolutely LOVE a certain style but not really have a good use for it. A long-sleeved surfer-style model is great for aquatic sports but may not be ideal if you’re planning to go on a tan day with your friends. The same could happen to asymmetric models that may leave weird tan lines you’ll have to explain.

A very revealing bikini may be great to highlight your body and for a hot girl summer, but maybe not so much for a family trip. So take in consideration the use of this swimsuit and look for the best one that covers that need. And take your time, you’ll find the ideal one if you know where to look.

Consider the whole look.

Remember, you’re not wearing the perfect swimsuit by itself all the time. Consider accessories and complements such as sandals, hats, shades, and cover-ups. Are you using the things you already own or are you shopping for the whole look? You may have to visit a few shops or websites to put together the look of your dreams before actually buying things. So taking time to consider the look you want, or even better, several looks using different piece combinations, is something you’ll need to take in consideration.

A last piece of advice we’d like to give you today is that you need to think about how much you want to stand out, to turn the heads of your friends, family and even strangers. You should always have confidence in your body, but we understand some swimsuits can create some insecurity, especially when we’re not used to a certain style.

So take it easy, enjoy the trip and the thrill of shopping for a new perfect swimsuit and enjoy using it while it’s hot outside. We promise that if you consider all this, you’ll choose the perfect one.

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