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Finesse Dead Sea, #1 Why we Love Them

Get to know more about Finesse Dead Sea and their great products.

Today’s post is a bit different from what we usually do since we won’t be talking about products, choices or styles. Today we want to talk about a company called Finesse Dead Sea and their range of products.

The creators of Finesse were inspired first and foremost by their close location to the Dead Sea. Which is a pretty unique location with a salt-water lake located 400 meters below sea level.

Thanks to its unique characteristics. The Dead Sea features a very high concentration of magnesium, calcium and potassium, among others. All these minerals have great cosmetic qualities and abilities to restore and renew the skin.

So this is where Finesse Laboratories originated, and their experience with beauty care products has grown exponentially from that point. Thanks to the minerals of their products, of course, but also thanks to their research and application of plant extracts, vitamins and oils.

With unique formulas containing no less than 27 exclusive Dead Sea minerals, Finesse Dead Sea range of products help restore, nurture and support the skin, providing a great overall sensation and freshness with the goal to keep it looking young no matter who you are.

They’re manufacturing their products in Israel but already selling them all over the world! All of them also proven to be extremely effective and now easy to get.

So what does Finesse Dead Sea sell exactly? Their categories include face care, body care and hair care products, as well as products meant for a spa treatment and a special line for men skin care.

One of our current favorites is their red algae wrinkle eraser syringe, great for achieving a great and almost immediate improvement in fine lines. It contains red algae, of course, along with other powerful components such as hydrolyzed collagen ad hydrolyzed elastin, which combine perfectly to reverse aging effects targeting the most damaged areas of your skin.

This results in a powerfu and effectivel product that will provide a significant improvement in wrinkly length and depth and will cause a regenerative effect in the skin.

Their face creams are also great and use the minerals and components of the Dead Sea to provide anti-age and anti-wrinkle effects noticeable when used consistently. They have day creams and nighttime creams for a repairing sleep as well.

We also can’t let the opportunity pass to mention their special kits pass. They’re a special assortment of products specially chosen and bundled together, and there are several ones worth mentioning.

One of them being the Prestige Dead Sea Mud Kit, a great gift for anyone or even yourself! And the Premium Age Control Kit has everything you need for a complete and effective routine.

This is just a tiny sample of everything Finesse Laboratories has to offer. Of course, we are witnesses of their quality and effectiveness and don’t doubt recommending this for anyone who’s looking for a great skin care alternative at great prices and with incredible effectiveness rates.

What would you like to try out first? There are some many options it’s very hard to choose the first thing, right? Be sure to try a bit of everything, we’re sure you’ll find something that’s just perfect for you.

Look at our list of Finesse Dead Sea products, from Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream to the famous Mineral Face Care Gift Set which goes out of stock quite often fir for some $70 free shipping, it's a steal. I know, but I can't advertise it, yes I can… the skincare Gift Set for Men, not cheap at less than $125 for 5 must have products putting them at $25 each – before I was spending over $60!

To make sure all products are fresh, they ship fast from Israel and will arrive within 5-8 business day.

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