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Why do we Love Buck Ridge Soap Company

My Small Store Loves Buck Ridge Soap Company

Buck Ridge helps all men and women with their line of products. Perfect for those looking for the very best in all-natural bathroom and body products from head to toe, including beard.

Buck Ridge designs and manufactures a wide range of products, by making use of high quality, all-natural with vegan and also organic base materials.

Every soap, balm and oil is produced from fresh and natural active ingredients, no chemicals. Why use chemicals when Mother nature gives it to us?

The oils as well as essential oils are from licensed suppliers that accumulate these active ingredients with natural processes such as vapor distillation.  Buck Ridge guarantees that all items are free from dangerous chemicals or preservatives.

For those concerned about Palm Oil (like I am – I lived in Africa for a long time), Buck Ridge constantly uses sustainable palm oil which is certified Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO – true, more expensive, but better for everyone.

Buck Ridge Men's Handmade Soaps were created specifically for males' skin, making sure to give hydration for healthier and stronger skin. These smell great (beleive me) as well as assist “dollar that funk” that every guy gets after a day of hard work or exercise.

Whether you're looking for deep cleaning or just rejuvenating and clean sensation skin, My Small Store has a bench soap for you!

The Buck Ridge Women's Handmade Soaps were developed for women that wish to really feel pampered and also tidy with all natural ingredients to keep skin soft and supple. These hand crafted soaps have no cleaning agents or severe chemicals to dry out your skin.

All Buck Ridge bath and also body treatment items naturally hydrate while cleansing skin or hair while avoiding germs development without cleaning agent or rough chemicals.

Buck Ridge Soap Company hand makes all soap, oils and lotions in their Springfield, Arkansas atelier this includes bath soaps, beard oil and balm, bathroom fizzles, lip balms, scrubs, bathroom salts, creams as well as more! A few of their beauty treatment items are also certified USDA.

The variety scents is amazing as well as each fragrance has its own benefits from pure pepper mint for a wonderful pick me up to pure lavender which helps to unwind you after a difficult day. Whatever your bathroom and body require, you are covered!

Why Buck Ridge Soap Company Soaps are different?

Several factory made soaps are a lot more detergent than real soap. In comparison, Buck Ridge soaps cleanse the skin without making it dry.

The hand-crafted soaps contain oils, butter, fruit & blossom essences, gourmet oil (yup, i.e. olive oil) and natural essences that are all-natural without detergents or artificial chemicals. Always remember, Buck Ridge Soap Company is not just only females centric, it is a Men's Soap Company too.

Many of My Small Store customers and it's employees use Buck Ridge regardless of the gender – what works for her, works for me too 🙂

Whether you're looking for deep cleansing or clean and simply rejuvenating sensation skin, Buck Ridge made the bar soap for you!

Check out our Buck Ridge Soaps and oil in our store:

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