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What We Love About Sulina Shop Reviews

Before talking about our Sulina Shop Reviews, let quickly see who they are.

Who is Sulina Shop?

Today we’d like to talk about yet another great shop with amazing products we’d like to vouch for and recommend. Today it’s Sulina Shop’s turn and we have many great things to tell you about them.

Sulina Shop was founded by sisters Susan and Shelina more than four years ago with a clear passion for natural and organic skincare and wanting to create some amazing products that could also be accessible to the general public.

Susan and Shelina come from Fiji and have an Indian heritage as well, so they’re familiar with a little something the vast majority of us are not: Ayurvedic herbs and tropical fruits and vegetables.

They knew about the health benefits of these ingredients and were decided to make these available for everyone to enjoy their benefits.

This is how Susan and Shelina started Sulina Shop, to highlight the evident health benefits from products made with these unique and amazing ingredients.

Their passion for natural and organic products allowed them to create a holistic line of beauty products that you can feel good about using ingredients like moringa, neem, turmeric and tulsi, used for centuries in Ayurvedic skin care and long believed to be the secret to youthful, glowing skin.

Sulina Shop is the embodiment of a solid belief in natural, organic, and Ayurvedic methods and ingredients to elaborate products that help with pretty much everything! From hair and skin to an entire body category. All this without using harsh chemicals and with a clear aim to introduce new and exciting ingredients that help improve the health of your skin and hair with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Our Sulina Shop Reviews

Sulina Shop has 4 main product categories: Body, Face, Bath and Gifts for Him. And all of them have an arrangement of products that are both effective and amazing. So let’s mention just a few to get you familiarized or let me write my own Sulina Shop reviews 🙂

Their body balms are just amazing: both the organic mint cocoa butter balm and the organic rejuvenating balm protect and heal the skin using only natural and safe ingredients that deliver intensive moisture even to tougher areas such as elbows and knees.

There are two face moisturizers worth mentioning as well: a retinol face cream and the amazing hydrating face lotion. Both are great softening and protecting the face and neck areas and perfect for day or night use.

Don’t forget to try their bath salts! Their selection is just amazing and they have a great variety of choices. But we’d like to suggest starting with the beauty Bath Tea and the Dragon Fruit Bath Tea. You can thank us later.

The “gifts for him” category is also full of great choices for any man in your life. Even if they’re not into skin care, they’ll surely be when they try out these products. Their organic moringa oil is great for revitalizing hair, skin and nails and is filled with antioxidants to purify and renew.

We could keep talking about Sulina Shop reviews for even more amazing products from Sulina Shop, but we’d like for you to explore their catalogue and choose what you’d like to try out first. Everything is amazing, you won’t regret it. And you'll come back for more.

After these Sulina Shop reviews, you understand why we love the products; they're natural, efficient and smelling so good. Imagine organic mint cocoa butter balm or my favorite is the Beaty Bath Tea blend with Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt help to melt away muscle tension, while Aloe and Cocoa Butter work to calm and replenish skin at the end of a long day. The essential oil blend of Rose, Jasmine, Hibiscus and Geranium makes it perfect!

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