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Is Your Michael Kors Bag Authentic? Here’s How to Find Out

Picture this: After months of saving up and splurging on the ultimate fashion accessory, you've just treated yourself to a gorgeous Michael Kors bag. You're proudly showing it off to your friends and family when someone casually drops the bombshell question: “Is it authentic?” Abruptly, your enjoyment turns to suspicion and anxiety.

How can you tell if your Michael Kors bag is the real deal? Don't fret – we're here to help. In this post, we'll show you some foolproof ways to spot a fake Michael Kors bag and give you peace of mind when it comes to your stylish investment. Let's get started!

Michael Kors Bag

1. Michael Kors brand overview

I absolutely love Michael Kors's bags! The brand was started by American fashion designer, Michael David Kors, who became really popular after featuring on the reality show, Project Runway. The brand is now known for its leather goods and fashionable handbags, which are sold all over the world. However, with rising popularity comes counterfeits. In fact, Michael Kors is one of the most counterfeited brands in the United States. To avoid purchasing fake bags, buy directly from the official Michael Kors retail store or authorized retailers like MySmall.Store is best. But if you're ever unsure, here are some tips on how to spot a fake Michael Kors bag. [1]

Michael Kors Bag

3. Checking official Michael Kors logos

When checking for the official Michael Kors logo, look for two different logos: the expanded logo and the circle emblem. The expanded logo should have sharp edges and evenly spaced letters. It should also be embedded into the leather and perfectly centered. The circle emblem should have distinct letters surrounded by a perfect circle. Be wary of logos that look wonky or unsymmetrical. The hardware should feel heavy and substantial, not coated plastic, and the joint hardware should be slightly rectangular with rounded edges. Genuine bags will have the expanded logo stamped on one side. [2]

4. Authentic hardware features

As someone who loves Michael Kors bags, I always want to make sure that what I'm buying is real. One way to ensure authenticity is by checking the hardware. Genuine Michael Kors bags have high-quality metalwork that's sturdy and heavy.

The straps feature well-bored holes with heavy and firm metal buckles. Check the zip opening for a substantial metal zipper with a zipper stop, a metal Michael Kors emboss zipper tag or a round metal MK logo. The encircled MK logo and other metal decorations should be heavy and finished in a gold or brass tone. By paying attention to these hardware features, you can be confident that your Michael Kors bag is the real deal.

5. Counterfeit flaws to spot

When trying to determine if your Michael Kors bag is authentic, it is important to look out for counterfeit flaws. These flaws can include a lack of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and inferior materials like pleather instead of genuine Saffiano leather.

Fake bags may also have side panels made of two pieces of material with a visible middle seam, and soft leather that won't hold its form. Additionally, if the zipper opening is made of plastic and lacks a zipper stop, or if the shoulder strap is longer than usual with unevenly spaced holes, it's likely a fake. Keep these flaws in mind when trying to authenticate your Michael Kors bag.

Michael Kors Bag

6. Construction features of authentic bags

When it comes to determining the authenticity of a Michael Kors bag, paying attention to the construction features is key. An authentic MK bag is made of Saffiano leather, which is heavy and sturdy with a crosshatch pattern. The side panels are one piece of leather with a firm structure, while the rubber edging is one snug piece. The real MK bag is also much heavier than the fake versions. Conversely, many counterfeit bags use inferior materials that can easily fold or have creases due to improper storage. Other differences include the sides of fake bags not holding good form, plastic zippers instead of metal ones, and lower-quality metal decorations and buckles.

7. Side panel differences between real and fake bags

When determining whether a Michael Kors bag is authentic, one of the key areas to look at is the side panels. Real Michael Kors bags are made from one piece of high-quality Saffiano leather, while fake ones use inferior materials and often have two panels with a middle seam.

Genuine bags have a firm and neatly tucked-in structure, while counterfeit ones tend to be softer and more prone to bending. Additionally, the rubber edging on fakes is often plastic and separates easily. By paying attention to these details, you can easily spot a fake Michael Kors bag and make sure you're getting the real deal.

Michael Kors Bag

8. Inspecting the zipper opening

When inspecting the zipper opening of a Michael Kors bag, there are a few key details to look for to ensure authenticity. The metal zipper should be substantial and feature a zipper stop to prevent it from coming off track. The zipper should also have a metal Michael Kors embossed zipper tag or round metal MK logo with the name centered underneath the open MK letters. Fake bags often feature plastic zippers without a zipper stop. By paying close attention to these details, you can easily spot a fake Michael Kors bag and ensure that your purchase is authentic.

9. Paying attention to strap construction

When determining the authenticity of a Michael Kors bag, don't forget to pay close attention to the straps. A real Michael Kors bag will have an adjustable strap with well-bored holes for buckle adjustments. The straps will also feature heavy, sturdy metal buckles with the engraved Michael Kors logo. On the other hand, fake MK bags often have a longer shoulder strap than an authentic bag, with holes punched unevenly and fewer in number. The buckles on fake bags are lightweight and do not feature the engraved logo. Additionally, be on the lookout for the MK circle logo and metal decorations, which should be heavy and finished in a brass or gold tone.

10. Different features in new Michael Kors designs

As a Michael Kors bag enthusiast, I always look for the latest designs and features. It can be exciting to see the continually evolving styles that Michael Kors produces. One thing to keep in mind is that new designs can sometimes throw off the typical authenticity indicators. For example, some recent designs have a fabric liner with the Michael Kors name in a crisscross pattern, separated by a circled X. Additionally, the metal logo and other metal decorations on newer bags often have a brass or gold finish, rather than the typical silver. If you're unsure about the authenticity of a new Michael Kors design, it's always best to check with the official Michael Kors website.

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