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Moschino Fake vs Real – our answer

Moschino fake vs real, what to look for

In this globalized world, and especially after COVID-19, we’ve learned to embrace and loving online shopping getting everything we need from the most basic items for everyday life and groceries, up to pricey items such as watches and computers. Luxury goods are counterfeited by the millions!

We all want luxury but at a cheap price, when buying a bag always think: “Moschino fake vs real.”

Shopping online is becoming an everyday thing, and a pretty safe way to get stuff from all around the world delivered directly to your home. But there is a pretty real danger out there, still. And it’s counterfeits.

Let’s talk Moschino, one of the most counterfeited brands nowadays. We all recognize bag models and logos from the brand because they’re pretty unique and easy to remember. But illegal copies are common, well-made and we all need to learn how to identify a genuine Moschino before making any purchase, either online or on a traditional retail channel. Even when you have one in your hands, it’s pretty easy to look for some signs.

Check the material.

Leather, pleather or synthetic materials, Moschino knows how to deliver products that look, feel and even smell a certain way. Try to have a really good look at it. How’s the stitching? Is it a sloppy job? Does the bag feel flimsy and weights too little? Those are definitely warning signs of a counterfeit product. Trust your senses, they’ll tell you a lot about the product from the very first moment you get your hands on it.

Moschino fake vs real

Check the closure.

A high-quality zipper or magnetic closure should feel like new: firm, sturdy, and durable. You should know if it’s a low quality closure right away because it will feel like it’s been used before or not so secure for a bag that should carry all your stuff with ease. Check logos, colors and other details that cheaper copies may not imitate so easily.

Check the seller’s reputation.

Can’t find a reputation system to back up your seller’s registry of past sales? That’s a big warning sign. All retailers, big and small, have some way to prove the quality of their products and the satisfaction level of their past clients.

When wondering Moschino fake vs real, look at the price a Moschino bag for less than $300 should raise eyebrows, a Moschino T-Shirt for $15, new and free shipping is not a real one.

Also check the payment and shipping methods available. Security is the keyword here. If you can’t recognize their systems you’re risking more than your money and/or not getting your product. Remember to check if it’s a secure website (noted by the prefix https) and shipping shouldn’t take more than a week, otherwise you might be seeing at a company that works with dropshipping from China.

Know that if you’re getting something from a new retailer, without some sort of recognition then you’re taking a risk. Look for alternatives so you can take a well-informed decision beforehand.

Something you must know, when wondering my new Moschino fake vs real? There are tons of stolen branded good on the market, so it’s real but it’s not ok and illegal.

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