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Fashion Luxury @ Low Cost Free Shipping

Fashion Luxury @ Low Cost Free Shipping

#1 Luxury Sunglasses and low cost

Choosing a pair of luxury sunglasses

We all want luxury products including accessories like luxury sunglasses but sometimes we are just not ready to pay $595 for a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo rectangular frame leather lined sunglasses with the classic gold logo on both temples. Are we? Maybe not and it comes with risks:

  •  You thought you bought real Giorgio Armani but they are copycats, it's illegal to buy fakes even if you didn't know.
  •  Your brand new Yves Saint Laurent shades disappear suddenly from your purse – no they do not come with a auto-vanish feature.
  •  Oh, good gods…your keys scratched your $500+ Gucci sunglasses
  •  Do you really want me to continue?

What to do? You really want to make a statement, feel good about your sunglasses and let's be honest make other envious. Gucci will do that but other brands as well I am not talking about what you find in a big box store for $19.99, I'm talking about small sunglass designers like Royal Hot, Bobo Bird or Yumomo.

Yumomo Sunglasses

These designers are not well known if even known but their style are quite impressive, their prices as well. No, you can't find them at Walmart or C&A, several few website like My Small Store sell them and many high end stores in Europe or South America – I recently traveled to Brazil where I found in the duty free area a shop selling Royal Hot eyewears tax free for $250, the exact same sold here for $29.99!

Bobo Bird StoreA customer sent us a picture of a Bobo Bird store in Moscow, he had to look at the price 5 times as he could not believe the price over $300 for the same pair he paid $24.99 at My Small Store. The store make people feel they are buying a top shelf luxury product that only people traveling from abroad can afford.


Do luxury accessories have to be so expensive? We don't think so.

Look at what is important to you – the luxury brands name like Miu Miu or Miuccia Prada, the design like aviator or navigator sunglasses or cat eye, the features such as 100% UV protection and polarization or the accessories that comes with it as cool storage box, fancy glasses bag etc.

Let's compare a little between a big luxury name like Prada and similar Yumomo cat eye shades. Look at these 2 pictures and tell me which one is Yumomo and which one is Prada – submit your answer for a $25 gift card. The Prada is sold at $350 and the Yumomo is sold for less than $30.

Compare Prada Vs Yumomo


The poll ended

As we updated this post 74% of answers were wrong! Meaning the Yumomo luxury sunglasses look more luxury compared to the $350 ones. Meaning that what 74% of our readers are ready to spend $350 on a $30 pair of glasses – time to increase our prices 🙂

Another point is if you have a $350 budget for your new pair of shades, you can buy one pair of BVLGARI or Christian Dior or 10 pairs of Yumomo, Bobo Bird or Royal hot – all coming with free shipping, warranty and full refund if not satisfied.

A customers of ours tried a pair of fancy Yumomo sunglasses that made her BFF very jealous (that happens a lot), she asked us not to sell to her so she could keep her new shades quite unique. Unfortunately, we can't do that but we remove those from our stock for a few weeks 🙂

To finish, luxury sunglasses do not have to be extremely expensive, why overpay for a brand name when there is 70% chances that your new expensive designer glasses are made in Wenzhou, China in the same factories that many brands!

Chances are that smaller designer have they own production like Bobo Bird or outsource their production to fair trade factories. Stop wondering and try a Bobo Bird, a Royal Hot or a Yumomo, you won't regret it!


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